Want To Move To Your Favorite Vacation Spot? Here’s What You Should Know

Want To Move To Your Favorite Vacation Spot? Here's What You Should Know

The State Department estimates that around 9 million Americans are currently living outside the country. The figure rises every day as more and more US citizens look abroad, perhaps to their favorite vacation destination, for greener pastures. Here are a few considerations to make if you are considering relocating to your favorite rest and relaxation getaway.

Financial Considerations

If you receive a pension or social security, you can expect your monthly check to likely go further at your destination than it would in the US thanks to the lower cost of living in many places throughout the world. If you’re too young to retire, that’s okay too; you can still generate income living abroad. 

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a great option for people changing careers or looking for a new direction. Digital nomads—people who make money online—enjoy the benefit of working from anywhere. Consider how you will support yourself financially in your new home.

Moving Your Belongings

One of the biggest logistical challenges when moving across borders to your favorite vacation spot will be what to take with you and how to get it there. An international moving company can help with transportation, but what should you bring? For the sake of cost and energy, consider what you can do to pare down your things to just what you really need or want to have with you in your new home. Donate the rest or keep it in storage until some later date. You’ll be able to buy many things once you get to your new home if you don’t want to ship them.


Going international means that you’ll have a whole new set of bureaucratic hurdles to climb for getting the necessary paperwork. Countries have different visa requirements for America. Some, like many most Latin American countries, have relatively lax immigration rules for their neighbors to the north. In fact, Americans don’t even need a visa for 90 days. Other regions, though, have stricter immigration policies.

In many cases, you may need extensive paperwork to become approved for a long-term visa in your favorite vacation spot. Expect to produce evidence of your health, your insurance, your income and savings, and your criminal history. 

Moving to a new country can be challenging and enchanting at the same time. You are certain to grow as a person and discover new ways of living that you have likely never encountered in the US. Planning using these tips can help guarantee a successful journey.