How To Run A Successful Clothing Store

There are a lot of challenges involved in running a successful clothing store. Stock is more expensive than in other lines of business and it needs to be renewed and changed regularly, there’s more competition than ever, both on the high street and online, and creating an attractive and secure store that draws customers in and keeps them coming back is no mean feat. Here are some tips to help ensure the success of your clothing store.

Stylish Store Design
Store design is key. Your store needs to be eye-catching and unique in order to get people in the door. Quirky, unusual, elaborate or otherwise remarkable shop fronts will grab people’s attention. You want to attract as many different people as possible, so a wide variety of different items on your mannequins is crucial if you want to keep people’s attention and get them inside. The interior of your shop should also be aesthetically interesting so it sticks in customers’ minds. Shops like Abercrombie and Fitch are well-known for their dark, nightclub-like shops populated with model-like staff and heavily scented with their fragrances, making them unique and memorable.

Staff Considerations
Your staff will be the face of your shop, so make sure they represent your brand well. Overly ‘cool’, standoffish staff will repel customers just as much as cloying, smiling robots, so try to strike the right balance when choosing staff members. Aim for helpful and friendly staff that aren’t suffocating. Most clothing stores give their staff discounts in the shop asking in return that staff wear the clothes from the shop. Staff members wearing clothes from the shop also make for free advertisements for your stock, so it’s worth giving them the discount.

Thieves are an inevitable feature of shops and they may not look like you might expect, so ensure that your shop is secure by using magnetic tags on all clothing in conjunction with magnetic scanner alarms at the exits. You may also want to employ security guards to patrol the store or watch the exit. Roller shutter doors are essential for most shops, especially those with glass shop fronts, as they keep stock safe and secure when the shop is empty during the night and can be easily operated by staff members closing up the shop in the evening.

Although running your own clothing store is not without its challenges and difficulties, it can be very rewarding when your shop becomes successful and you begin to see people wearing your clothes in the street, so rise to the challenge and make your mark on high street fashion.

This article was written by Harriet Smith who runs her own clothing store, which uses roller doors for security.