How To Stick To Your Limits While Gambling

Casinos are popping up all over the country, and Las Vegas and Atlantic City aren’t your only options anymore. Whether you’re on vacation or just going out locally, gambling is an enticing pastime. But lots of people have gone broke in the casinos, and you don’t want to follow in their footsteps. Here are some tips to help you stick to your limit so you don’t break the bank.

Determine Your Limit
Before you even hit the casinos on your vacation, decide what your limit is going to be. Think about how much money you can reasonably spend on gambling without hurting your bank account or budget, and then make your limit a little bit lower than that. You should always shoot for a slightly lower limit to leave a little wiggle room, just in case. Don’t, however, use that wiggle room as an excuse to spend more, because you’re much more likely to exceed your limit that way.

Use Cash
There are tons of ATMs on the casino floor, and they’re there for a reason. When people are in the heat of the moment, they often hit up the ATMs to withdraw even more money, just so they can keep playing. Those ATMs will enable you to spend too much (not to mention the high fee you’ll get charged for using it). To avoid that trap, leave your bank cards and credit cards in your hotel room. Only go to the casino floor with cash. When you’ve spent it all, you’re done.

Make It Last
Think about your main motivations for gambling – are you there to make money, or are you just trying to have a good time? You should never expect to win money at the casino, because it doesn’t usually happen (how do you think they stay in business?). If you want to stick to your limit, try to make the money you do have last. If it’s all about having fun, play the slots rather than high-limit table games. Betting smaller amounts will make let you play for longer. If you lose all your money too quickly, you’re more likely to spend more in order to keep the fun going.

Talk to a Friend
If you’re going gambling with a friend, let them know that you’re serious about sticking to your limit. You have to tell them beforehand, otherwise they might encourage you to spend more. When they know your limit, they can also help you know when it’s time to leave (but you shouldn’t rely solely on your friend). Discussing it will allow your friend to support your spending limit, and you might be able to help them in return, too.

Quit While You’re Ahead
When you’re winning and you’re up, it’s a great feeling. If you lose again and get back down, it’s that much more disappointing. While you’re gambling, you should know when to quit. You might be a risk-taker, but consider leaving when you’re ahead rather than continuing to take chances. If you lose again, you’ll be more likely to spend extra in an effort to get back to that level of success, and that hardly ever works.

Jared Grant is a writer and travel agent who works with luxury Bahamas resorts. He is an avid gambler and loves to share his gambling tips with others online.

Photo Credit: geek7