How To Use Sparklers Safely At A Wedding

Using sparklers at your wedding can be a whole lot of fun, but it can also be potentially dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. Having to deal with an injured guest at your wedding is probably the worst case scenario for many couples, so eliminating as much risk as possible while still using sparklers can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, if you follow some basic safety protocols, using sparklers at your wedding can be both safe and enjoyable for everyone in attendance.

Lighting Your Sparklers

When you have your guests light their sparklers, it can be a smooth process or a recipe for disaster. If you have a bunch of guests fumbling around with lighters or matches, it can be very problematic. Instead, you can have a series of lit candles throughout your reception area for guests to use to light their wedding sparklers, or you can choose a few delegates to wander around lighting everyone’s sparklers for them.

Disposing of your Sparkler

Similarly, disposing of your used wedding can be a tricky feat as well. Even if a sparkler appears to be finished burning it can reignite or stay hot and smoldering for several minutes after completion. Make sure you have buckets of sand or water throughout the area where your guests will be using their wedding sparklers so they can properly extinguish them once they are done. Though it’s unlikely that a sparkler will reignite, all it takes is one to ruin the entire day.

Dealing with Smoke

Smoke is another concern that many people overlook, and that can be a terrible mistake. Though many couples plan their sparkler activities for outdoors, some couples prefer to use them inside their reception hall. If that is the case for you, make sure to get smokeless sparklers for weddings to eliminate the need for additional ventilation. It may still be a good idea to crack a window or door for extra fresh air, but smokeless wedding sparklers will eliminate almost all of the unwanted fumes and haze that you would get with other types of sparklers. This will also ensure you have crystal clear photos of your guests using sparklers since there won’t be any smoke to fog things up.

Supervising Children:

If you plan to have children at your wedding, you may want to consider carefully how to handle your wedding sparkler situation. If you want to include the children in that part of the celebration, you’ll want to have very close adult supervision the entire time. Also, it is a good idea to protect the hands of each child using a plastic cup or something similar. Just poke a hole so the sparkler handle can slide through and use the inside of the cup to shield their hand while it burns.

Though there are risks that come with using and type of object your light on fire, wedding sparklers can be used safely if you take the right steps in advance. Just have a plan for lighting them, disposing of them, and how to handle children using them, and you can safely enjoying sparkelrs at your upcoming wedding without incident.