Improving Baby Safety

Before your baby is born and brought home, you want to ensure that all of his or her furniture is safe. One way to do this is with a non-skid leveler. These will help to prevent furniture and other items from wobbling and being unsteady.


Your baby will spend a lot of time in his or her crib. Before you know it, he or she will be standing and attempting to climb out. If your crib is wobbly and not level, there is the risk of the crib toppling over and this could result in significant injury. A non-skid leveler can be used on all four legs of the crib and they can be adjusted to ensure that the crib is completely level and not moving.

Changing Table

This is another piece of furniture that you will use many times per day. You will be changing diapers and your baby’s clothing on this. If it is not level, there is the risk that your baby could roll off and fall onto the floor. This could cause serious injury. Just like the crib, you can place non-skid levelers on all four legs to keep the changing table from moving and to ensure that it is completely level.


You will have at least one or two tables in your baby’s room. You may place a lamp or other objects on this table that can fall if the table tilts or wobbles. On a table, you really only need to level the legs that are causing the wobbling or tilting. This will prevent lamps and other objects from sliding down and falling off of the table. This is even more important once your baby becomes mobile and uses things like tables to pull him or herself up.


Things like bookcases tend to be tall and if they are not level, they could fall. Like the tables, you can place levelers only where you need to stabilize the shelving. You also want to keep heavier items on the bottom shelf so that your baby cannot pull them onto him or herself.

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