Add Style to Your Rhino With Yamaha Rhino Accessories

Yamaha rhino is one of the most popular models of side by sides. It is among those solid machines which provides great experience to riders.

A large number of yamaha rhino accessories are present which enables you to ride this on snow or other things that comes to your way. Following are some of them.

Full tilting windshield

This windshield has a versatile tilt mechanism. It is extremely rigid in all positions like when closed and  in half or full extension. It has a feature of releasing the top windshield piece so as to enjoy the fresh air. It can be installed easily with the help of durable nylon clamps which are designed specially for your cab. All the hardware Is made up of stainless-steel hardware which is black finished so as to resist maximum temperature. It is a  scratch resistant polycarbonate design for making it as a best finish material in the market.

Rear window assembly

Following types of windows are available which keeps  you stay warmer, cleaner and dryer.

  • Small roll-up window with zipper
  • Clear flexible acrylic window
  • Heavy duty nylon windows with zipper

These kinds of windows are easy to install. They also help reduce the dust which is caused by the suction of roof or windshield.

Windshield clamp

Once installed this will remain on your railcage for all the time. It helps in removing the windshield without the use of tools. One has to just unscrew the thumbscrews in order to remove the windshield. They are a replacement to standard windshield clamps. One clamp is required for every strap. These are black powder coated.

Deluxe roof with lights and stereo

This yamaha rhino accessories include stereo and lights in it with following features.

  • 4X400 watt output power
  • Solid top chassis
  • Plays CD-R/RW and CD-A
  • Non-absorbing PCB insulator
  • CD skin protector
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • UV resistant panel
  • Clock
  • Station presets
  • Rubber keypad controls

HD half doors

This is among one of the best yamaha rhino accessories available.These are very easy to install. They are removable and has other features like high quality latch mechanism, stainless steel hardware. They include both left and right doors and gives Rhino a more rugged look. They are used in order to avoid the flying debris to enter into the passenger compartment.

Arm rest

The arm rest in your Rhino provides comfort. These armrest comes in a variety of colors and styles.

Center console cup holders

One can use these cup holders to keep his/her beverages, can access gear and maps from this compartment. It is weather resistant and comes with a lid, map pocket and two cup holders. It is made up of stainless steel.

Heater system

This heater system could be used in Rhino during extremely cold days. This system includes 3 ducts, 2 directional vents and a defroster vent. They come with a 2 year warranty card. The kit for this includes all the components you need and manual which instructs you about the steps to be followed for its installation.

There are so many other yamaha rhino accessories which add to the style and provide comfort.

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