Interesting Dog Myths And Facts

Since the beginning of time, men have looked to the stars and gods for answers in just about every area of their lives. Dogs were part of the Greek mythology; some were considered gods. The dog Argus was Ulysses great hunting companion. Argus was the only creature that could recognize the Greek hero Ulysses, when he returned home after twenty years and lived in disguise as a beggar.  
The three-headed Greek dog of mythology, Cerberus, was to have been on constant watch at the gates that guarded the underworld.
Dog Days of Summer
Everyone recognizes the Dog Days of summer, which runs from July 3rd to August 11th. During the Dog Days three stars of the Orion Belt point to the Dog Star, Canis Major, at Orion’s heels. The months of December and March are when the constellation can be seen, in the northern hemisphere.  
Sirus is the largest known red hyper giant star often called the Dog Star, it is found in the constellation Canis Major. This star is the brightest in all of the heavens, the name means sparkling and scorching this is due to its proximity sun in the height of summer.
Some interesting facts about your dog:
·    A human’s heart will beat 70 to 80 beats per minute; a dog’s heart beats 70 to 120 beats per minute.
·    The African Wolf dog is the only dog that cannot bark, therefore making them a great pet for people who live in close quarters.
·    Irish Wolfhounds are considered the largest of all dogs, while the Chihuahuas are the smallest breed and the St. Bernard’s are the heaviest of all breeds.  
·    Female dogs carry their pups for sixty days before giving birth.
·    Dogs are color blind they will see objects first thorough movement then by brightness and lastly by their shape.
·    Humans have a problem hearing sounds beyond 25 yards away, a dog can hear the same sounds from 250 yards. A dog can hear sound waves, which vibrate at a frequency of more than thirty thousand times per second, while a human can hear the same sound at vibrating frequency of twenty thousand times per second.
·    It is believed a dog’s sense of smell is as much as one million times greater, than that of a human.
·    The average dog bite can exert 150 to 200 lbs. of pressure per square inch; some dogs can exert as much as 450 lbs. of pressure per square inch.

This article provided by dog containment systems expert Susan Wright. Dr. Wright, DVM and her staff in effort to educate people on the proper care of their dogs.