Invest In A Promotional Prize Wheel And Attract More Customers To Your Sports Bar

If you own a sports bar, you know that you need to compete with others in your area to attract customers. Some sports bars offer drink specials, some will play all of the big games on their big screen, and others will hope that their loyal customers refer friends and family. As a sports bar owner, you need to come up with original and unique ways to promote your bar and generate new customers. If you are looking for a unique marketing tactic, consider letting every new customer spin a promotional prize wheel when they visit your bar for the first time. Find out how this small wheel can attract large crowds and watch your sales and revenue spike up quickly.

Everyone Loves to Receive Free Promotional Items When They Do Business with a Company

Think about the last time a vendor offered you a promotional gift just for listening to their one minute sales pitch. Chances are you were willing to give up a minute of your time to receive the branded t-shirt they were offering. Everyone likes free products. In fact, when you give out promotional gifts, you can make a great first impression with the customer and increase your chances of retaining that person long-term.

But how do you give out your promotional items when these gifts are promoting a bar? You can walk up to each new face and offer them a free key chain, or you can turn the opportunity into a fun and memorable game that the customer will tell their friends about. This is where the promotional prize wheel comes into the play. By putting each prize on the wheel and offering your new customers a chance to spin, you can make your marketing campaign an enjoyable one.

Everyone Loves to Play Games

A bar provides a lively atmosphere where most people go to have fun, which is why a promotional prize wheel is so appropriate for marketing purposes. The customers are bound to get excited each time the wheel is spun and this will make them want to come back. In fact, people might not even want to leave, which will increase your daily sales of beverages and food.

Instead of just giving out items, turn these gifts into prizes and you are sure to attract new customers. The wheel will bring crowds in and your promotional gifts will promote your bar when the customers leave. Give out beer bottle openers, key chains, branded T-shirts, cup holders, and more, and you can build brand awareness and gain a loyal customer base.

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