INXPO Webcasting – Webcasting Made Interactive!

INXPO is really putting their customers in charge of what they feel like doing. The INXPO webcasting is a tailor made solution where it is possible for people to get anything done easily and quickly. The best part is that one gets to enjoy a well organised and attractive webcast in no time. The INXPO webcasting service is extremely user friendly and allows one to prepare rich webcasts for all sizes of audiences.

So what do they have on offer?

The INXPO webcasting service offer full assistance to the service you choose. The company is really good when it comes to making the complicated less complicated and is really good in giving some outstanding webcasts. The time it takes to create one is so much lesser than with any other company. The INXPO webcasting is so flexible. One can design constructs for announcements for their employees to take notice of and hear. It is also possible to give out education through this means with certification programs. What is more is that the host can explain a topic to certain viewers in a safe and secure environment.

With their tools, it possible to generate invites which you can customize. One can even prepare registration pages and prepare other material which you could show to your audience. Another interesting feature is that one could set up e-mail reminder for those attending. It is also easily possible for one to assembles their slides together. It is simple for one to add on biographies and photographs of the speaker. To make your INXPO webcasting, one can out in videos and graphics to add some extra jazz.

Wow, so how does it Enhance My Audiences Viewing Experience?

With pools for attendees to take, INXPO webcasting takes things to the next level. The surveys can be password protected and are subjected to high security. Those attending are not required to download anything to see the webcast which you have prepared. For your team, the private feature of live chatting allowing the team to work seamlessly behind the curtains, without having your attendees to know of a thing. This way the presentation is orchestrated smoothly.

INXPO webcasting is designed for making interactions possible. While the presentation is going on, it is possible for one to answer and receive questions with the live chat. This encourages the participation of the attendees and makes them add to the event in every odd 2 minutes time. This makes the presentation interesting for others and allows for more engagement. All in all, there is so much on offer. Making presentations so glossy and attractive has never been so easy to do. With INXPO webcasting you will surely enjoy the interactive platform as a speaker, moderator or an attendee.

Anything else?

When it comes to absorbing questions that your viewers might pose, it is also viable for one to pre-screen incoming inquiries right before the event. This way those attending the same understand that the question posed is perfect for the topic/event or not.

With the INXPO webcasting, streaming live video and audio is possible in no time. You can record webcasts in the future with a future viewing option. The INXPO webcasting gives one the ability to resume where they previously left off. This prevents you from having to go through the entire webcast once again. For a presenter, the best feature is that one can save the webcast and choose for it to automatically shift out for an on-demand status.

Those attending can listen and actively take part in the INXPO webcasting from their desktops, laptops and tablets even smart phones work pretty well for the same. If one thinks that they there isn’t much time for creating such webcasts, the INXPO webcasting allows for more facilities. Think of these as extra optional services. With this one can get editing, pre-event tests done and a whole lot more. Assistance can be provided for archiving materials which is huge add-on.

So what if I Face Difficulties?

Well if you do come across some issues, then it is possible to get help via the INXPO support e-mail through their phone line. The support isn’t on the avail throughout the day but for emergency situation, it is possible o get help round the clock. Their service is terrific so to speak and is prompt in solving any query or problem. On the company website one doesn’t find the web-chat feature. But the website itself has a lot of interesting insights and videos with a pretty useful blog. The INXPO webcasting features are great and one will won’t find much trouble in making their way through.