Is Deterring A Break In Easier Than You Think?

People who have installed a home security system often feel more confident about their safety and the safety of their possessions, but merely having a burglar alarm may not be enough to protect a home from thieves. There are multiple things that people can do to complement their home security systems that will help their machines better protect them and their things.

Proudly Display Alarm Alert Signs

Some people are reluctant to display the yard signs and window decals that loudly proclaim that a home is protected by a certain brand of alert system. The reasons for this reluctance vary. Some find the signs tacky and vulgar, while others may feel that the signs may serve the purpose of drawing unnecessary attention to a house. Most burglars want easy targets and will often bypass a house with such signage altogether. The greatest value of having an alarm system often lies in its value as a criminal deterrent, so display those signs and decals with pride.

Bring the Noise

Just as some people do not want to display signs to draw attention to their houses, others do not want to install home security systems with auditory alarms. Loud sirens can be annoying, but they can also draw attention to burglars who have tripled the alarm. Burglars may also be scared away by the noise, not wanting to risk getting caught by anyone whose attention has been drawn to the source of the noise. Loud alarms lose their effectiveness after a few minutes, however, so do not set the alarms to go off until disarmed.

Inspect and Maintain

Burglar alarm owners should not assume that their security systems will always work perfectly. Most people who purchase a computer, a car, or some other piece of technology assume that there will eventually be some sort of problem, so treat a home security system the same way. Most system installers will have an affordable maintenance plan to which homeowners can subscribe, ensuring that their burglar alarms will work well for years to come.

Do Not Get Wires Crossed—or Cut

Even the most technologically sophisticated alarm system is not immune to the effects of wire cutters. Burglars will often look for outdoor places that look newly wired as this may signify a home security system, so homeowners should make sure that all systems are installed with casings that cover up the presence of such wires. Burglars may still find a wiring vulnerability, but at least they will have to serach for it.

Do Not Leave Neighbors in the Dark

Neighbors should plan with one another what to do in case an alarm is triggered. Some neighborhoods have a type of neighborhood watch that allows for mutually helpful vigilance should an alarm go off; plans should be made before anyone goes on vacation so as to avoid confusion in case of a break-in.

Learn to Use the System

What good is an alarm system if the homeowner does not know how to arm it? Owners should also learn about all of an alarm’s functions rather than just the basic ones and should, of course, always remember to arm the alarm before leaving for vacation. Perusing the user’s manual may sound like a dull read, but it is better than reading a list of missing items.
Dylan Johnson is a writer for Security Options. They specialize in video surveillance and home security in Oklahoma.