Is The Cost Of Love Worth It?

The Huffington Post has recently reported that the cost of a relationship could be over $40,000! This seems rather a lot of money to pay for love, but is it worth it? They conclude that it is, but do you agree?

  • The Figures:

    Rate Supermarket used average figures to calculate the costs of being in a relationship for two years. They added up the costs from the first date until marriage over the course of two years. They concluded that with the cost of dating, new clothes, engagement and the wedding, the average cost will be $43,842.08 for the couple during the two years. This does not even include normal bills, groceries etc. This does seem like a lot of money, but anyone in a great relationship would say that no value could be put on it. However, not all marriages and relationships work out and in that situation it is more likely that it will be felt that it is not worth it.

  • The Facts:

    Kelvin Mangaroo, the president of Rate Supermarket explained that although the figures is fun and averaged out, it is important to be aware of them because problems with money are the most common reason for break ups. This could be during the initial stages of the relationship or once they get married. He explained that to help with this, people should discuss money early on in the relationship, considering what they want achieve in later life. They need to consider their financial goals and whether they are the same.
    So perhaps the cost of the relationship is not so important as to whether the couple have the same views about spending money.

  • Money And Relationships:

    Of course, the cost of the relationship is not really the issue here. This cost could be reduced if people are frugal and they may get help with the wedding expenses. However, the important lesson to learn is that money can be key to a relationship.It can seem rather unromantic to discuss financial issues early on in a relationship. However, it is something that can have a huge effect later. If there are debts to pay then this could make money tight. If one partner wants a wealthy retirement then they will need to work towards it from a young age. By discussing the future plans and their current financial situation, will mean that the couple will know whether they are coming from the same direction financially. This will not only let them know whether they are compatible financially but also whether they have the financial plans for the future.

So a relationship may be expensive, but that could be worth it. However, it will probably only be worth if the relationship lasts. To help it to do this it is necessary for the couple to agree on money. This is because relationships often fail due to disagreements about money. Having the same financial goals as well as the same attitudes towards spending and saving money, towards debts and investments, can make a massive difference as to whether the relationship will last.

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