Keep Your Bathroom Inviting

Whether it’s the end of a tiring day at work, or to wake you up and energise you in the morning, there is nothing nicer than walking into a clean, inviting bathroom with everything you need to hand and that smells great. Unfortunately for those of us who have to do the cleaning, these things don’t happen just by themselves, but there is a lot you can do to make cleaning your bathroom and keeping it organised much easier.

Firstly, remove any clutter that you don’t actually need: if a towel is not immediately needed then it can be stored in shelving, in cabinets if you have them or in a different room. You only need to have a few towels available at any one time and, by changing them regularly, you will keep the room smelling fresher and make it more hygienically clean.

The same goes for things like cleaning products and unused shampoo and soaps. By putting your cleaning products together in a bowl or box in a vanity unit you can keep them easily to hand but also out of sight and hopefully away from small children who may not know just what they are to be used for. By things like shower gels and shampoos in a cupboard, on a shelf or even in a washbag you bring with you into the bathroom you avoid cluttering up the edge of the bath or cramping the shower area and keep your bathroom looking spartan and attractive.

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom prevention is often better than cure, but keeping up to tasks is the key to not having an unpleasant bathroom or finding it an overwhelming chore. By simply rinsing down the bath and shower area after use you avoid the accumulation of soap residue and any dead skin or hair that might gather. Quickly wiping surfaces also keeps them sparkling and fresh.

It isn’t always possible to keep everything clean as you go through, and you may find that not everyone in the family is as capable or willing when it comes to making sure the bathroom remains clean.

White vinegar is surprisingly effective at cleaning ceramics, acrylics and shower screens, and doesn’t leave a residue that needs work to remove. It is also safe to handle, and you don’t have to worry as much if it splashes against the skin.

Rubbing glass and shiny surfaces with scrunched up newspaper will bring out a brilliant shine without scratching the surface. This is best done in a circular motion to prevent any smearing or streaks.

Keeping the window to the room open as often as possible will help prevent odours from developing, limit mould growth and also help the room to remain dry.

Regularly cleaning and swapping bath mats and rugs will also keep the room clean, dry and fresh.

With just a little bit of effort and some planning you can keep your bathroom looking inviting and pleasant to use, without having to spend hours cleaning it and days of having to use a disgusting bathroom before you have the time and motivation.

Emma Cubrick is a expert interior designer, working in the North of England for a multitude of clients both commercial and private. Over the past 15 years she as become one of the most sought after names in the industry, known for her stunning bathroom designs. Emma is working on improving the categories such as the heated towel rails @ Liberty Bathrooms to ensure Liberty Bathrooms product portfolio is the best in the industry.