Keeping Your Pet Fashionable and Healthy

Fashion fun is all part of the enjoyment of pet ownership, as is correct feeding and plenty of cuddles. Balancing the natural desire to buy treats and toys with the equally natural desire to keep pets healthy, is the way to a long and rewarding pet relationship.

There’s no doubt we love our pets. They’re always there, ready to play or give us attention or comfort when we need it and they ask so little in return. A comfortable home, a suitable diet, regular walks for dogs or grooming and a safe haven for cats is all they need to live long and happy lives.

Our pets become part of our family. Dogs especially are active and included family members, depending on us all their lives, just like children, to take care of them and love them. Edible treats form a natural part of the daily pet feeding routine and Finnish pet owners have plenty of healthy lemmikin ruokinta options.

Dedicated Followers of Fashion 

Pets really don’t care much about fashion, but being eager to please they’ll happily go along with the funky notions we humans have for them.

Dogs look great in new collars or coats and owners find a renewed interest in walk times when a new leash is worn for the first time. Bandanas, rhinestones and witty printed messages or leashes or vests are amongst the fashionable items we can buy for our dogs.

Whichever style of leash and collar you choose, make absolutely sure it fits correctly and doesn’t cause the dog discomfort. Collars should be loose enough to fit three fingers under it, but not so loose that it slips easily over the dog’s ears.

Specialist Feeding Bowls 

Just as we enjoy providing ourselves with new crockery and household items, so too do we enjoy buying new accessories for our pets.

Pet feeding bowls and utensils have come a long way since the first basic ceramic dish was placed on the kitchen floor.

Larger dogs benefit from having bowls that are raised off the floor on stands and this also makes keeping the feeding area clean, hygienic and easier too. Cat bowls come in many funky designs that will cheer up the kitchen and add an element of fun to kitty feeding time.

Proper dog care extends to time out of the house and is particularly important during hotter weather. Portable water feeders make is possible to carry along a drink for the dog just as you’d pack a water bottle of your own for days out or extended walks.

Health into Old Age 

Healthy eating is fashionable for pets as well as for us. While pets don’t have a prescribed five a day requirement, they do have dietary needs which change over time during the course of their lives, particularly when they’re very young or approaching old age.

Puppies and kittens have developing bones and internal organs so need nutritious food that’s specially prepared to give their bodies the support they need for healthy growth, whether you choose dried food, moist food or a mixture of both.

Dogs are especially dependent on us for their diet and as we come to understand more of their complex dietary needs, pet sites can help take the guesswork out of keeping pets healthy.


Shirley Jones writes extensively on pet care and pet fashions. She is especially interested in pet nutrition and looks to sites such as to keep up with the latest scientific developments in pet foods.