Key Benefits Of Postcard Printing and Mailing

Key Benefits Of Postcard Printing and Mailing

Direct mail solutions such as a printed postcard or flyer offer ample opportunities to effectively market products and services to customers; more so in this digital era when getting something tangible in the letter box has almost become history.

Compared to other lengthy forms of advertising such as catalogs or thick newsletters postcards have a charm of their own. Delivering your most important brand message in a rather personal way through an eye-catching postcard is a great way to establish a direct connection with consumers. Yes, indeed, by telling your business story in pretty little postcards, you can actually make your way into your customer’s home and heart.

Here are a few more key benefits of postcard printing and mailing. Understanding these advantages will help you to realize how postcard mailing plays an important role in marketing your product or service in today’s competitive business environment.

Highly Targeted:

Postcard promotions are tailor made keeping the target audience in mind. If they land at a customer’s desk or mail box, they are hard to miss, compared to newspaper, magazine or television ads. Those ads are seen and read by thousands of people, but not all of them are potential customers. For example, kids also see commercials of cars but are not in the market to purchase them. Postcard marketing can, meanwhile, directly hit the bull’s eye. Marketers, who send business postcards, typically purchase mailing lists of people with buying habits that match their line of business. Companies can also acquire a database of people who live in certain areas, knowing their message will be delivered to their targeted customers’ mailboxes. For example, a small vitamin retailer can purchase the names of people who regularly buy vitamin products online.

Cost- Effective:

Cost effectiveness is the most important feature of postcard mailing and printing. Companies with a low marketing budget often use postcards mailing techniques as they come at a reasonable rate.  Putting up an ad in a newspaper or a magazine or up there on the billboards can run up to millions. Besides, by hiring an agency that specializes in postcard printing and mailing, they can opt for a bouquet of services at a rate, much lower than what they’d have incurred had they undertaken the task of printing, writing addressing labels and collecting customer databases on their own.


Marketers who use postcards get the attention of potential customers instantly through the use of catchy fonts, industry-specific images and info-graphics. In brief, without much ado, the message reaches the target audience effectively.

Easily Readable:

Reading a message on postcard is easier than reading a newsletter or booklet filled with coupons, ads and a lot more text. Postcards don’t require customers to open an envelope or even use date and access the internet to read your message. Even when a potential customer does not require your services at that moment, a postcard right in front of his eyes often acts as an easy temptation to take an interest in your business or service. Thereon, customers are more likely to contact you to inquire about your offering.

Brand Rich:

As postcards often come with industry-specific info, they act as a visual option to build up your company’s brand image. It is an excellent way to establish your business in a particular field. You can include a QR code, scanning which with their phones; prospective customers can learn more about your services online or be directed to your social media page where they can get more value added services such as discount coupons.

Hence, it is needless to say postcard printing and mailing is a tried and trusted method that can work wonders for your business by generating interest in the fastest way and thereby boosting your revenue. So, get set to reach out to your customers and boost your revenue by opting for postcard printing and mailing.