Kickbacks When Buying Cars Online: The Legal Implications

Deciding to buy a car online? Think very, very carefully. There are many fraudulent sellers out there. Make sure to be at your best composure and not be very jittery when talking about your future car. Remember, it is a product of your well-deserved money, and you can’t just let it slip away in a snap.

While buying cars online will save you energy of going to the store and looking at prospective cars to buy, it is highly important that you consider the following legal implications first, before giving away your bank details.

Buying and selling online is coined in the term e-commerce. E-commerce is simply a shortened term for electronic commerce wherein the buyer buys directly from a web site. E-commerce started out as a retail outlet for shoppers who did not have the time to go out. It then evolved into the selling of gadgets until recently, real estate and cars have also been subject to this.

While most countries do not have e-commerce laws, there are still legal significances that need to be considered.

Consumer Laws: Misleading Or Deceptive Product Description

Even if online purchases do not have an exact law for themselves, there are laws that cover pretty much what concerns an online car buyer. For a misleading or deceptive description, you can actually talk to your lawyer as to what the implications of this are. Chances are, you can charge your dealer with fraud or anything similar to that, as ordered by the law. The case may be well defended because the description is in the form of an article on the internet.

Conditions And Warranties

Before jumping in the bandwagon of buying online, always try to be safe. Knowing and understanding the conditions of the car you are trying to purchase will help you lessen out the worries of being a victim of fraud. Your warranties as a buyer should be well laid out, in case you need them.

Consumer Credit Laws

When buying online, chances are, you will be asked to provide for your bank information. The Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) code protects consumers by regulating the methods of access during an electronic transaction. These types of electronic transactions include those which asks you to use an ID number, password, personal identification number (PIN) or digital signature; it also applies to transactions that utilize stored value facilities and digital coins for electronic payment.

Knowing Your Rights

At all times, you have to know what you are entitled for. Other than that, you can demand. Also, be sure to know your consumer laws. If anything goes wrong, contact your trader immediately, or call your credit car provider. They will be able to give you insights on what to do. Moreover, seeking legal help prior to purchasing anything expensive will also help you get out of trouble at all times.

While there are laws that can protect you, you also need to be more cautious yourself. Legally, you can buy a car online, but when something goes wrong, it will be harder to track your buyer. Always remember the rules in internet safety and law provisions : Do not trust completely, do not give off your bank details instantly, and research.

Author Bio

Kris is a auto consultant and a broker who deals in used cars. Occasionally he also loves to write and help others on the internet to make them aware about the tips and tricks to know before buying a car.