Learn to Estimate the Value of Your Antique Collection

Estimating the exact value of your antique piece may take hours of research along with undivided attention. You can take the help of professional appraisal services. But, there are number of factors that you should know if you want to give it a try in guessing the antique’s worth. Here in this guide you get to learn to estimate the value of your antique piece be it furniture or nay book.

  1. Look for a mark

Any furniture having a mark of designer or manufacturer are considered to be worthy than similar pieces having no signature or mark. This mark symbolizes the proof of deserving high value. So, whenever you have an antique piece in your hand be it book or furniture or anything of such get yourself a magnifying glass. Make sure that you scrutinize the piece carefully. With handcrafted pieces or paintings, the worth multiplies if you can find the artist’s signature along with manufacturer’s mark. These are the sign of a highly valuable antique piece.

  1. Consider the flaws

It’s one of the most significant steps in estimating the antique furniture values. The piece must be in a good condition. Even if it’s not you have to consider its flaws while you estimate. These flaws can include cracks, chips, excessive wear, stains, tears, etc. These can heavily impact in determining the value of the piece.

  1. Measure the exclusiveness

The exclusiveness of the product plays a significant role in measuring the price of it. Sometimes even products with certain damages worth hefty amount if it’s extremely rare. If you’re still unsure with this part, then you better consult with a professional appraiser.


  1. Check the authenticity of the product

Taking this antique business into an opportunity to make hefty amount, there are people who are running fraud business. They’ll make a similar product matching with a highly valuable product and sell it with a high price. So, if you’re determining the price it becomes your responsibility to check the authenticity of the product. Pay undivided attention to distinguish any subtle details.


  1. Find out the salvage value

Many times the items are repaired or restored due to damages. Make sure the item has been restored by a professional hand not an amateur one. Because that can impact in determining the value of the product. Even though if it’s damaged doesn’t indicate that it doesn’t have any value at all. Measuring the extent of damage, you can determine the value.



Whether you have a furniture or a book you can either judge the price by yourself of take help from professional appraisal company. If you’re a newbie in the field it may take time so during this, you better take help from experts. For books you can take help from Antique book valuations online appraisal service.