Learn When to Hire a Personal Injury Solicitor in Accident Cases

Learn When to Hire a Personal Injury Solicitor in Accident Cases

For a variety of reasons, you may be thinking about making a claim for compensation following an accident. But is now the right time to do so?

Below, you will find information about the scenarios where you should seek legal advice:

  1. Hire a solicitor if you are not familiar with the law

If you are not a lawyer, then it is likely that you will not know where to start when it comes to processing an accident claim. And even if you seek legal advice, you may find that creating a presentable claim file is too time consuming for you, especially if you are recovering from your injuries. If either of these scenarios prove true with yourself, then you should hire a personal injury solicitor to take on your accident claim.

  1. Hire a solicitor if your injuries prevent you from working

If you are left unable to work because of your injuries, now is as good a time as ever to start a personal injury claim, because not only can you seek compensation for your injuries, but you can claim compensation for any financial losses related to those injuries too. So, for example, you can claim back lost income and overtime, most related out of pocket expenses and future loss of income, based on your recovery period and projections.

  1. Hire a solicitor if your insurance company gets in touch

If you are involved in a road traffic accident, it is likely that your insurance company will call you to chase up about a personal injury claim, if you were injured. When they do, it is likely that they will recommend a law firm or a lawyer to you. However, it is in fact your legal right to choose who represents you in a personal injury claim. In other words, you can hire whichever law firm you like to represent you, and you are not confined to who your insurer recommends. For this reason, it is worth seeking legal advice following accidents in the car, so that you can become properly informed about your legal rights.

  1. Hire a solicitor if you have any delayed injuries

Depending on the type of accident you have had, you may experience delayed injuries, such as memory loss, trouble sleeping, or muscle spasms and aches and pains. Delayed injuries are common; however, they are more difficult to claim for, since claims with delayed injuries have a different Date of Knowledge to other types of accident, where the Date of Knowledge is usually the date the accident happened. To make a claim for such injuries, you will need an experienced solicitor. The best place to find such a solicitor is with a larger, national law firm that has been operating for several years.