Less Hassle, Go Wireless!

Less Hassle, Go Wireless!

Nowadays, systems and network constructions are transforming into wireless systems. Anyone who wants to get rid of spaghetti wiring would surely love this as this would surely lessen connection problems. Another popular trend is wireless headset that runs through Bluetooth – wireless communication using a dedicated frequency between the phone and the headset to play music. Another popular wireless gadget is the ‘monopod’ that enables an individual to take a picture of himself (a “selfie”) using a Bluetooth remote connected to the phone. Lastly, the staple ‘wifi’ or wireless fidelity is another example on the indispensable tools made popular by wireless devices.

Since everyone is going after wireless things, why not we have the same way for our security systems? This might be costly but this will surely save you meters of wires. All you need is have your place checked first, buy a package, and install your cameras at your desired spots then all your security devices are connected through WIFI. Why not Bluetooth? Bluetooth runs only on high frequency therefore one can only maximize it at short distances.

Having a wireless security system means that each of your device is equipped with a radio (either through WIFI or a module of 315/415 MHz) so that it can communicate, and therefore has an individual Internet protocol address if running through WIFI. Also, you would need a server to establish connection between your devices. Another good thing here is that you do not need to drill holes and is a lesser ordeal to tackle. There are many possible uses for wireless alarm systems, apart from keeping homes and establishments safe; they are also an effective deterrent for crimes. The use of wireless CCTVs enable owners to keep a close eye on individuals or areas within their home or establishment. Many perpetrators have been apprehended with the use of this technology, making it an indispensible tool in promoting safety and order.

Going wireless has pros and cons. In terms of dedicated use, having a wired connection is an advantage. Such cannot be easily hacked nor let you tap wirelessly into the system. You will have to dig up all those wires, identify which among them is your subject, and then make a jumper connecting to yours. A disadvantage is that when you go wireless, any of your devices can be stolen immediately ignoring whatever alarm or noise it will create. If running through WIFI, any of your devices can be hacked by somebody if he or she can unmask whatever cover or encryption it has as long the address is determined along with the server’s address. However, technology is quickly adapting more safety measures to ensure that their wireless alarm features are really secure.

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