Little Adventurers

Any parent will agree that buying shoes for children can be an absolute nightmare.  If they do not grow out of them too quickly, then they can get wrecked easily by too much playing.
When growing up, most children will have their school shoes, which are meant to be kept nice for wearing to school. They will then have their playing out shoes, which may be older shoes or trainers.  Therefore, it’s important for parents to have a choice when buying shoes.  However, in tough times, buying good quality, durable shoes can be difficult cost-wise.
Children usually want to be fashionable, like adults. The children will complain that their friends are wearing the latest brand of shoes or trainers. This can often lead to parents guiltily buying the most up to date, and usually the most expensive brand of trainer or shoe for their child.

Parents will convince themselves that by doing this, they are doing the right thing. As the shoe or trainer is expensive, and made by a reputable brand, then it will last for a long time. However, the parents are not taking into consideration what that shoe or trainer will do throughout its relatively short lifespan.
Leaving aside the fact that children grow, on average, a child’s shoe or trainer will not last very long.
Consider what the trainer or shoe will go through once it is on the child’s foot.  Everyone wants to encourage children to be active these days, so it’s useful to reminisce on childhood adventures to describe the tribulations of a pair of shoes during a normal summer holiday.
Bike riding takes it’s toll, whether that’s by riding the actual bike, or using the soles of the shoe to brake by dragging them along the floor. Trudging through fields or up hills can be hard wearing for shoes.  Mud, grime and water can wear the hardest of shoes very easily.
Running or racing again wears the shoes or trainers out very quickly. Climbing, walking or playing football or other sports will have a massive effect.
When all of this is taken into consideration, it’s easy to see why children’s shoes or trainers can easily fall apart. Buying the most expensive brands can be a false economy when they have to go through everything and more as described above.
However, parents will still want to make sure that their children’s feet are properly protected and looked after.  A good quality shoe for taking part in their adventures needs to be purchased, a shoe which is designed to take a lot of impact and a shoe which will last.
Article written by Julie Harvey, parent, teacher and Kids Keen shoes purchaser.