Looking For A Better Smile? How Invisalign Can Help

Looking For A Better Smile? How Invisalign Can Help

Today, most people have heard of Invisalign and are familiar with how it can improve the health and appearance of teeth. Worldwide, over one million people sought orthodontic treatment using Invisalign aligners and the number of people treated increases every day. This alignment system is the innovative alternative to using the old-fashioned metal brackets and wire braces to straighten and improve the health of teeth. The Invisalign system has also proven to be effective and more convenient for those interested in enhancing the appearance of their smiles.

The Technology behind Invisalign Effectiveness

It’s believed that Invisalign only straightens mild cases of crooked teeth. Actually, this corrective procedure can address other complex dental concerns. This treatment can improve dental issues, such as overcrowding of teeth, gaps, overbite, under bite, and cross bite. Invisalign is a part of an advanced regimen that utilizes an aligner system constructed of a patented plastic material called Smart Track which gives the patient an improved fit that will be effective at shifting teeth where it’s needed. Invisalign aligners constructed of a thermoplastic material, look similar to the trays used with teeth-whitening methods. A series of aligners are custom-made based on individual teeth impressions designed to move the teeth in the sequence determined by the orthodontist.

This type of straightening process also eliminates the need for periodic adjustments at the dentist’s office, because the fit of the Smart Track trays is secure and effectual. Because there are no brackets or wires and the trays are removable, Invisalign provides freedom from food restrictions. While wearing Invisalign aligner system trays, caring for the teeth is easier and more convenient as they are being straightened. When brushing and flossing teeth, remove the aligner trays and then put them back after the daily cleanings. Invisalign makes it possible to have discreet teeth straightening while having a comfortable fit.

Why Invisalign Is a Successful Method for Straightening Teeth

After the Invisalign system is custom fitted to benefit the individual dental needs, the aligners appear to be invisible because it provides a tight fit while on the teeth. This system offers discreet and attractive treatment during the time it takes to correct all the orthodontic issues addressed. It generally takes the same amount of time to correct orthodontic problems, regardless of using Invisalign or traditional braces.

The treatment requires the changing of the aligner trays about every two weeks, encouraging the teeth to move into the desired position in the allotted time. The Invisalign aligners control both the amount of force and timing of the straightening application to the teeth. During each treatment stage, only certain teeth move. The orthodontist pre-determines these movements for the treatment to accommodate the specific straightening and aligning plan. Complex movements may necessitate as much as three weeks of wear and less complex movements could require only ten days. The Invisalign treatment system is excellent for any age group, including pre-teen (provided there are no baby teeth), teen, and adult. The Invisalign trays need to stay on the teeth for at least 20 hours per day for the best results. Each Invisalign aligner adjusts the teeth in horizontal and vertical directions and also rotating them if necessary. People who use Invisalign love it for their Smilelove. Depending on the treatment patients receive, many need to wear retainers on a daily basis to prevent their teeth from reverting back to their original positions.

The innovation of the Invisalign treatment system makes it possible to straighten teeth and treat more complex dental issues without needing to see the orthodontist for periodic adjustments. This procedure also allows the patient the freedom from metal braces which include food restrictions and cleaning difficulties because these alignment trays are removable.

Invisalign offers convenience and attractiveness to the patient while addressing many orthodontic issues. The success of Invisalign is the application of the needed amount of force in the precise place for the right amount of time and that’s due to the advanced Invisalign technology.