Cracked Tooth: 6 Signs It’s Time To See A Cosmetic Dentist

Cracked Tooth: 6 Signs It's Time To See A Cosmetic Dentist

You may have cracked a tooth recently or a long time ago. For a number of reasons, you may have put off doing anything about it. It may have been too expensive to fix it, or you didn’t think it merited any fussing about it. However, there are many health and social reasons to have a cracked tooth repaired. If you are seeing any of these six signs, it might be time to look into your options.

You Are Experiencing Pain

Constant or consistent tooth pain is a major sign that you need to see a dentist. A cracked tooth may have resulted in an infection or nerve damage. It also may only hurt when you chew your food, but this can lead to gastrointestinal problems and undernourishment if you are having difficulty eating. Don’t suffer with tooth pain. Get to a dentist and see what can be done to restore the tooth.

Your Career Is Stalling

Your physical appearance is very important in your professional life. A cracked tooth can, fairly or unfairly, give the impression that you don’t take pride in your appearance. This can lead to the assumption that you are not a detail-oriented person who cares about the product or service you provide. It can be harder to close deals, gain new clients or be taken seriously by your peers if you have damaged teeth.

You Can’t Get a Date

Similar to the career problems mentioned prior, individuals with cracked or unsightly teeth have a significantly harder time pursuing romantic relationships. Scientists think this is evolutionary—that humans have been conditioned throughout our evolutionary history to see oral health as an indicator of overall health in a potential mate. Because poor oral health can cause or be caused by underlying issues, this conclusion is not unfounded.

You Have Money

When the tooth was first cracked, you may not have had the money to fix it, or you may not have been covered under a good dental policy at the time. If you are now in a more financially stable position, it might be a good sign that you should go ahead and get the tooth repaired. Many dental insurance policies don’t cover cosmetic work, although some do, so it is worth it to check.

Keep in mind that most policies have a waiting period, anywhere from six to eighteen months, before they will cover major work. If you want to get insurance to help cover procedures you need and can afford to wait, that might be a viable option.

You Hate Your Smile

No one should hate their smile. If you find yourself avoiding social situations, not smiling because you are ashamed of your cracked tooth or refusing to smile in pictures, you should see a cosmetic dentist. An Ocean City cosmetic dentist can give you an examination and inform you of your options to make you proud of your smile again.

You Want to Take Preventative Measures

Aside from being unsightly, cracked teeth can lead to potentially serious dental health issues in the future. Preventative care now can save you significant amounts of money, pain and stress later. There may even be nothing wrong with the tooth, but it may be sharp and cut sores into your mouth, so cosmetic work might still be necessary. Get a cracked tooth taken care of before it can become infected and cause problems that require more drastic treatment options.

What will your cosmetic dentist do? He or she will give you an examination and tell you what they can do. In some cases, the tooth may have to be extracted and an implant put in its place. In others, the tooth may just need to be polished to get rid of sharp, rough edges. Either way, something can be done to restore both your teeth and your confidence.