The Best and Worst Of Studying Advertising

The Best and Worst Of Studying Advertising

Surely we have all seen a commercial on television that made us cry or laugh, as well as advertisements on the street that call our attention for their originality or even had the tune of a song that promotes a product.

Have you ever wondered who comes up with all those things? Or, better yet, have you thought that any of those ideas might come to you? If you think so, then maybe you have what it takes to study Advertising, but before doing so, you must reason your decision since this career, like all of them, has its advantages and disadvantages which you have to review.

The best

1.You will develop your creativity

The classes in the Advertising career can be the most fun, you will learn things like designing ads, creating concepts, playing with words and colors, executing incredible campaigns for outstanding brands. In this race what counts are the ideas, no matter how crazy, ridiculous, absurd or unreal you think they are, only one of them well developed can be worth millions.

2.You will have general culture

Precisely because you need to develop many and very good ideas, you must expand your general culture. When you study Advertising you will listen to all types of music, read various books, go to a lot of places, eat lots of food and meet too many people.

When you least expect them, you will have acquired new tastes that you did not believe you could have. All this will help you to open your mind, to know new worlds, to know a bit of everything: from quantum physics to some Hollywood gossip.

3.Your social life will improve

Good news! If you study Advertising you will not spend many sleepless nights reading theory books or writing dozens of pages for an essay. The real world will be your laboratory and every day a new lesson.

You will attend countless places: parties, concerts, galleries, festivals, clubs, bars, etc. Each weekend outing with your friends will be a source of ideas for any school project you are working on.


1. Your parents will not understand you

Studying Advertising is not like studying Law or one of those traditional careers. Many people are still not clear what exactly they are doing, and your parents could be one of those people. Possibly they will think that it is a joke, that it is only a waste of time, that no one is going to take you seriously, etc. You should be very patient with them to explain to them, in the clearest way possible what it is.

2.It will not be so easy to find a job

The time has come to speak clearly: it is not easy for a publicist to insert the working world. The prejudices, the lack of knowledge about what they can do and, of course, the economic situation in Latin America help make the task of finding work difficult.

The big advertising agencies only hire those who show real talent to generate ideas and love for their work. A tip, from student you must go creating your portfolio and go exploring options as a freelancer , that will help you gain experience and prepare for when your time comes to leave to look for a job.

3. You will be judged by society

Many people will dismiss them as consumerists, insensitive, “soldiers of capitalism” or “unscrupulous people who do not mind deceiving others in order to sell”, it seems that being a publicist is almost as detestable as being a politician. Unfortunately, there are many people who will type you into a stereotype and you will have to prepare yourself for some criticism based solely on prejudice.

In summary, studying Advertising is not for anyone, you will need a lot of patience and resistance, even though it is not a career as demanding as others, but if you are idealistic, hungry for knowledge, that you like to try new things, this profession is for you. Cheer up, you will meet people as crazy as you and you will have many anecdotes to tell about your time as a university student.

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