Maintaining Your Pool’s Filters And Circulation

It’s time to clean the pool. The dreaded 15 minutes that it will probably take to condition the water where it needs to be and to check the equipment to make sure everything is running properly. It is so easy just to skip one day and the next and then you have a pool that is very green and now is going to take a lot more time to clean. If the filters are running good, then the algae may not be that bad. So knowing the main components of a clean and healthy pool will cut our work in half.
So, the two main components of a clean and healthy pool are circulation and filtration.
Adequate circulation is also essential in Arizona because the hotter it gets, the more sunlight and heat, the longer the pool takes to circulate.

Three different types of systems are available and each uses a different means to achieve the same goal of cleaning your pool water. The first type is a sand filter that sifts impurities through a bed of silica sand. The sand lasts between three and five years before it degrades and can no longer catch particles. This is the system that is most offered in pool packages. In terms of cost and efficiency for pool filters, a sand filter is probably the least expensive but least effective in removing those very small particles.
The next type is a D.E., or diatomaceous earth filter, which uses a fine white powder made from crushed seashells to trap pollutants. Diatomaceous earth (DE) are the bones of tiny little animals that lived millions and millions of years ago. DE pool filters are the most effective pool filtration available, but on the downside, it also requires the highest level of maintenance.
The final type is a cartridge filter that uses a densely packed cartridge made of 100 percent polyester material. A pool cartridge filter for an in ground or above ground swimming pool is just as it says. It works the same as an air filter in a car. Dirty water passes through a filter and comes out clean. It’s a very simple process. It can last as long as you need it to given the right circumstances of regular cleaning and pool chemistry balance.
It is also important to keep the pool pump in top condition because it keeps the water flowing. A malfunctioning pool pump can cause higher energy bills. The pool pump motor should be cleaned regularly to prevent algae from growing and clogging the pump.
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