Mohamed Hamdoun: The Man, The Architect

Mohamad Hamdoun

As a young boy growing up in Lebanon, Mohamed Hamdoun must have spent his days admiring the beauty and architectural designs of the houses that lined the Lebanese streets. This curiosity probably stirred up interest in his young mind and was responsible for his later decision to study architecture. He attended the National Protestant College where he performed excellently. Not resting on his oars, he went ahead to study architecture at the prestigious American University of Beirut (AUB) where he also performed exceptionally.

Now aged 50, he is no longer the boy who admired the art involved in building construction from the sidewalks and dusty streets of Lebanon. He is now actively involved in designing and constructing edifices even far more glamorous and modern than the ones that amazed him as a child. He is a major stakeholder in the architectural and construction community. With decades of experience under his belt, and his insatiable appetite for quality in building and construction, he has gone ahead to record astounding successes and a reputation that seems to only get better.

He is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Archistyle and Design, a registered company that specialises in designing, building, construction, property management and consultancy services. This establishment has become a front runner in the construction industry in Lebanon and quickly gaining recognition from the international market. They operate between Lebanon the US.

The Lebanese are known for their richly unique art and culture produced from a mixture and blend of modern and ancestral history. Mohamed Hamdoun has been able to tap into this wealth by incorporating some of these traditional concepts into modern designs. This kind of creativity shows his love for his cultural heritage as well his level of flexibility in fusing ancient design into modern architecture. His flexibility also comes to play when he designs futuristic concepts on the drawing board and goes ahead to build them on the ground. He has designed and developed shopping centres and mall, commercial and residential buildings etc. He has worked for various government and private agencies and has a positive track record of quality design and construction.

He has carved a niche for himself in the international market by providing a bridge between foreign clients and prospective clients and architects in Lebanon. This connection with the international market has forged a partnership between architects, contractors and related agencies in countries like the United States to share and exchange innovative ideas, modern technology in building and construction as well as a platform to launch Lebanese architecture into foreign markets.

Mohamed Hamdoun’s experience and ingenuity has made a reference person for the younger architects in his country who run to him for his expert advice when they run into difficult situations, and they always leave with a smile on their face. He believes that the younger generation of architects own the future of design and construction.

Mohamed Hamdoun continues to explore dynamic solutions to the ever changing needs of modern architecture and building. He lives in Lebanon with his family.

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