Most Expensive Movie Write-offs:

You’ve all seen the movies and everyone’s gasped at the sights of the amazing cars that most people could only dream of and then sat in horror to watch as they crash these amazing cars in such spectacular style. Well, here’s a few of them and the cost of the insurance claims today.

Ferris Beuller’s Day Off:

  • 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spider
  • Nowadays that claim would be worth around £7,000,000
  • The real version of the car was not destroyed it was a replica
  • There were only 100 of the real cars ever made
  • The car was however insured while on set for its true insurance value
  • At a 2008 auction a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spider was sold for £7.5 million
  • Its value at the time of production was around £225,000

In this film the star Ferris Beuller takes a day off school pretending to be sick. On the same day his best friend Cameron really is sick but is persuaded to ‘borrow’ his dad’s Ferrari for the day and consequently it gets written off.

Fast and Furious:

  • 1970 Dodge Charger plus around 200 further cars were written off
  • That claim would have been worth around £3.2 million

The film centres on police getting into the LA subculture that was street racing.


  • 1958 Plymouth Fury (24 to be precise)
  • Today the insurance claim would be £1,000,000
  • Although the insurance claim has been converted from the original insurance price today just one Plymouth Fury is worth £35,000
  • The film’s success put the car in great demand
  • Today they are a collector’s item

Christine was the name of the car. She disliked anyone that got inside her and therefore killed them. However, no matter what kind of damage she endured she always looked brand new.

Casino Royale (2006)

  • Aston Martin DBS V12
  • Today’s claim value £600,000
  • The three Aston Martin DBS V12 that were totalled in this film were donated by Aston Martin
  • It is more likely than not that the cars were not insured as knowing what would happen to them it would have been impossible

The Italian Job (1969)

  • The vehicles destroyed in this film include a bus, 2 E-type Jaguars and 3 Mini Cooper Sports
  • The insurance claim today would have been around £170,000

The main character uses all of these vehicles to try and out do the Mafia in order to steal its gold.

Blues Brothers (1980)

  • 1974 Dodge Monaco Sedan along with 70 police cars
  • Today’s claim would be £131,000

Written by Gina Wells for, leaders in private transfers.