My Top 10 Vegas Memories

The popular saying “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” might be true (and very much appreciated) by some, but for others it’s the memories that make the entire trip worthwhile. From a true lover of Las Vegas, here are my top 10 memories from the Strip and beyond:

  1. Landing at Las Vegas’ McCarran airport and watching the hysterical commercials while waiting for luggage. It might sound lame, but you haven’t even left the airport and already you’re surrounded by Carrot Top, Cirque performers and the boys from Blue Man Group all on closed circuit TV doing things that would get you or I promptly escorted from the premises.
  2. Our crazy taxi driver. He had great stories about late night fares and some of the more colorful Vegas locals that had us in stitches the entire trip.
  3. Our upgraded hotel room! Using a trick we read about online, we slipped a $20 to the clerk when checking in and magically got bumped up to a junior suite. It may not always work, but we’re glad it did this time.
  4. Cirque du Soleil! After years of waiting, I finally got my chance to go to not one but two different shows while in town. Pick one, any one, and I guarantee you will be amazed at what an incredible show these performers put on.
  5. Fremont Street. We were directed here by a local who said it’s where he goes to hang out. Technically downtown Vegas, they’ve closed off the street to traffic so there’s room to wander and people watch. Cheap table games, piano karaoke, cool little dive bars and zip-lining, all in one place. Score!
  6. Table service. We weren’t sure about this at first but we decided to splash out and got a VIP table at Haze. Not only did we all get to sit together instead of being separated on the super happening dance floor, the cocktail waitress was awesome and we loved the DJ.
  7. The pools! Any of them – all of them! Everywhere you look there’s beautiful half-naked people lounging in lazy rivers, on sandy beaches and dancing to superstar DJs. It’s truly the life.
  8. Food. So much food. Buffets and sushi and steakhouses, oh my!
  9. Walking the strip. You’ll need a big bottle of water and comfy shoes, but from street performers to the Bellagio fountains and even a pirate show, you’ll see that not everything cool is indoors.
  10. Nickel slots. Okay, so maybe I’m not a high roller, but on our last day I won $100 on nickel slots and that, my friends, is good enough for me.

Alana M. is a Las Vegas writer writing about everything from gambling to Las Vegas Nightclubs .