6 Steps To Converting A Guest Room Into An Enviable Home Office

So, you have decided to join the many people who have decided to work from home. That’s great. There are many perks to doing so. I have also made the move, and have no regrets. In fact I highly recommend it when it’s possible.
One of the perks is the time and money I save by not having to commute back and forth to a traditional office. The couple hours I save by not having the drive, lunches out with co-workers, and impromptu meetings, I can apply that to either more work, or personal time.

But I also save money. By not having to fill the tank, except for personal use, my fuel bills have gone way down. There is also no need for expensive business attire. Working in a t-shirt and shorts is not only more comfortable, but far less costly.
However, you need a great office if you want to be as productive as possible at home. You cannot get the same results when working at the dining room table. If you have a guest room that is only used occasionally, it could be the ideal room for your office.
I am going to share 6 steps in turning your guest room into an enviable home office, which could still be used when guests do stay over.  In other words, an amazing dual-purpose room.

1. Choose the Room

I realize that I have already been talking about the guest room. However, you need to determine if that is realistic for you…or not. If your guest room is used frequently, then it might not be the right choice, as your work space will be compromised as often as it’s being used by others.
If you have guests stay overnight only a couple times a year, or only on the weekends, then it probably is realistic to make this room a dual-purpose room.

2. Paint a Positive Color

Once you have decided to move forward with turning the guest room into a home office, choose a paint color that will fit both the need for your office, as well as be friendly to guests who spend the night. In other words, you might prefer hot pink, but that isn’t necessarily a good color for most people when trying to get to sleep.
However, picking a neutral color doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be blander than oatmeal. Just choose a color that will lift you up in the office, and comfort the guest in slumber.

3. Pick out the Office Furniture

Take measurements to know for sure what can fit in the room. But, also take into consideration that if you want guests to be comfortable when spending the night, they also need a little room to place their bags, sleep, and perhaps sit and read.
So, if the room isn’t generously sized, opt for a corner desk that is highly functional, but won’t take up too much space. A chair that rolls could easily be rolled out when guests spend the night, freeing up more space for them.

4. Make a Space for the Guest

Speaking of space for the guest, there are some wonderfully comfortable leather recliners, chairs, or loungers to sit for reading that you can choose from. Just take a look at them to see what will fit.
Of course, when the guest is not there, it also makes for a great place for you to sit for some reading or research. All work does not have to be done at the desk. In fact, I enjoy doing some of it at the coffee house down the road.

5. Portable Bed

If it’s going to be a true dual-purpose room, one for guests to spend the night, then you need a place for the guest to sleep. Obviously, a traditional bed could take up too much space, especially if it’s not a large room to begin with.
Here are some alternative bed options:

  •     Murphy Bed
  •     Futon
  •     Air Bed
  •     Convertible Ottoman

Now, I wouldn’t want to spend long durations on many of these options, but they are good choices for overnight guests. Although, the air beds they make these days can be just as comfortable as a traditional mattress.

6. Motivational and Neutral Artwork

While I strongly advise putting up some motivational material, whatever that might be for you, I would also make sure that it’s not ‘all business’ in that room, if you plan on guests feeling welcome in it. A few motivational posters could do wonders for your entrepreneurial spirit. But, it might make them feel as if they are in the way. But, there is compromise.
One compromise would be to have exchangeable art, where you can switch it out if guests are coming. But, you can also use motivational art that can be pleasant for both. For example, if you like to travel, place photos of your trips around the room to encourage you, all the way to your next goal. Guests would also enjoy looking at these, as they might be in them.

In Closing

If you don’t have an extra room, which you can dedicate completely to your office, it still can work out just fine. Simply consider a guest’s overnight stay when designing it. But, keep in mind that their stay is temporary. Your career is not.
Rick Mercado, author and online marketer, writes on many topics including weight loss, online business, and most recently, home offices that incorporate rich leather furniture such as those found on www.reclinerchairreviews.com. In his early thirties, Rick is married and resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When he is not in his home office, you could find him outdoors whenever possible. He enjoys hiking and kayaking, as well as a few indoor activities such as research and cooking.