Overlooked Appliances In A New Home

The advance of technology marches on in all aspects of our lives. Nowhere is this trend more apparent than in the room in our homes where modern families now spend most of their time, the kitchen. Kitchens have become the one-stop shop for many of a family’s activities. Not only do they eat in the kitchen but the Mom can check her email, the kids can do their homework and Dad can even repairs an appliance with some Kitchenaid blender parts.

Still, kitchens have basically maintained their original function as the place where meals are prepared and eaten but the tools to make these culinary wonders have definitely changed with the times. Here are five of the best overlooked appliances in the new millennia

Immersion Blender
Also known as a stick blender, this marvel of technology combines convenience with incredible power. Instead of moving the food to the blender, simply puree your soup, curry or chili in the same utensil used for cooking. Hands down, it is the best new utensil in your culinary arsenal.

Crock Pot
The days of watching endless watching and stirring of slow-cooked meals are at an end. The newest crock pots combine incredible versatility with absolute reliability. The most complicated set of cooking instructions can be programmed into the newest generation of crock pots and virtually guarantees a magnificent meal.

 Pasta Maker
It seems that everyone is a gourmet these days. With a home pasta maker, making your own spaghetti or ravioli is one of the easiest ways to impress these ersatz gourmets. While the original mixing does require you to accurately measure the ingredients, the actual process is quite swift and sure. These days, even five star restaurants now use these wonders of modern ingenuity.

 Rice Cooker
Similarly, the newest models of rice cookers have taken a previously tiresome and difficult task and made it almost foolproof. Rice cookers are now so easy that a child can properly operate one. Just add the proper proportions of rice, water and salt and the machine will do all the thinking and watching.

Pot Filler Faucet
The pot filler faucet is a truly overlooked and underappreciated kitchen utensil. Instead of lugging a potful of water from the sink to the stove, why not just fill it as it sits on the burner? This obvious fact has been embraced by most new home builders and you can find this incredibly useful appliance in many new homes.

A Final Thought
These tools are highly useful and convenient but do require regular maintenance, be sure to keep a drawer full of Kitchenaid blender parts, washers and other miscellaneous tools to keep them in top working order.

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