Peak Shipping Season Coming Soon

With the peak shipping season about to start shortly, now is the time for companies to look into what carrier they’re going to work with this coming holiday season.  There are many different routes companies can go now that there are new express delivery services out there offering shipping for affordable prices.  Follow the below tips to choose the best shipping company for your company’s needs.

Loyalty Discount
If your company does a lot of shipping, you may want to choose a company that offers deep discounts to loyal customers.  When considering at shipping companies ask them if this is something they offer.  The discount may make it worth going with their shipping services.
Requirements and Fees
When choosing a shipping company you want to make sure to read all the fine print.  Some shipping companies have minimum shipping requirements, and if you do not meet them you will have additional fees to pay.  This is something to take into consideration if your shipping needs are not consistent every month.  You may want to choose a shipper who allows you to have lulls in shipping without being penalized.
Chose Bonded and Licensed
To give you peace of mind, choose a company that is bonded and licensed.  Going with a company with these services will ensure that your requirements are meant, and if they’re not you will be reimbursed.  Further, a company that is bonded shows that they are established in various countries and with governing agents.
Think About How Things Will Be Shipped
Shipping can be done by various means that include wither airfreight, ship freight, or truck.  With each of the different methods there are various price tags.  Airfreight tends to be the quickest method. However, in some cases it is not as safe as delivery by truck.  See what the companies have to offer in terms of various shipping types because some offer more than one.  Consider your product and your consumers when making this decision.  You want to ensure that your customers are receiving your products in perfect
Make sure you take all of the above into consideration when selecting a shipping company to work with.  In some cases, express delivery services may be the cheaper or better route to go if you want to ensure your products reach their destination safely.  Taking the time now to research various shipping carriers will save you stress and time during the holiday shipping rush.

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