Playground Mats And Why You Need Them

Rubber playground mats are vital for every children’s playground where safety has to be adhered to.  They are versatile, sturdy and most of all safe if children land on them. They come with a great cushioning effect which is why every playground should have one.  They come in a wide range of options which I will discuss further.

It’s Childs Play

These playground mats can be used in festivals at local parks or festivals where children will be playing.  They are smooth and can be interlocked which provides better drainage. You can get them in a range of colours and many different sizes. They also do not break easily which is great where any children are concerned and they are playing.  They also come in a range of thicknesses of several millimetres that will reduce the chances of tripping.  As you can see there are many options for them.

Rubber naturally acts as a shock absorbent, So the mats can receive the full force of kids playing without the effects of shrinking.  This will mean they will remain straight on the surface they are laid upon.

Durable And Waterproof

These playground mats are also treated with a special solution that will give them a sun resistant finish and this also means they are also waterproof. This is essential seeing as though these mats will be in an outside environment all the time and they will need to durable and be able to withstand the outside elements.  Even if these mats are frequently used they will not lose their natural look or become discoloured despite their frequent use.  This is a real bonus as not only are they durable but there has been a lot of thought go into designing these kind of mats.

Choose Your Colours

Another reason these mats are great for children’s playgrounds is the fact they come in a range of bright and bold colours that can match the occasion being celebrated.  Children love bright colours and different textures so they are great for any playground area. There are mats that even have a mosaic effect or more solid dark colours.

Rubber playground mats are made to be ideal for children’s playground areas as they are designed to be versatile, safe, durable and shock absorbent. Safety should be the only thing being considered where children are concerned especially when they are playing in a playground.  Safety should always come first.

Neil Martin writes articles on playground safety equipment for