Pro Tips On How To Simplify Your First Road Trip

Pro Tips On How To Simplify Your First Road Trip

Solo or with friends, your first time ever road trip will certainly be an exciting experience. However, if you neglect the planning part, it will shortly turn into a dreadful experience. Organized people, however, succeed to create unique experiences that never fail to surprise. Below are some pro tips that will help you organize a great, stress-free road trip.

Plan your wardrobe

Since the space is quite limited, you have to plan your wardrobe carefully. Knowing what the weather will be like where you travel will certainly help you plan a better, more adequate wardrobe. Just for being sure, check the weather reports for the period in which you travel. While those won’t be 100% accurate, you will have a slight idea of what to pack. Besides, pack some “just in case” articles. Below is a simulated wardrobe which you can pick for a great experience.

  • Two tops and 2 pairs of pants for the colder, winter days;
  • A pair of shorts/dress for the hot summer days;
  • Two thin tops, for good weather;
  • Some relaxed evening clothes;
  • One or two sets of activewear;
  • Running and hiking shoes;
  • Swimwear;
  • A hoodie;
  • A light jacket

This is a simplified wardrobe plan for your first time ever road trip that will help you have a more pleasant experience.

Bring some camping gear with you

Just because it’s called a “road trip” this doesn’t mean that you have to spend all the time on the road. Finding fun and entertaining things to do on the way is also important, if you want to have some great memories form your incursions. Don’t panic if you don’t have the necessary cargo space in your car for such purposes. There is always the option of buying a rooftop cargo box (, which will come to supplement the space that you have for all your camping gear. There will certainly be some camping spots on the way that you’ll want to spend some time in. follow the tips of the locals. They have a clear idea where someone like you would want to set up their camp and enjoy a great time in nature.

Bing something with you to entertain yourself

Especially if you go solo, you have to find something to entertain yourself, especially during those camping hours. Whether you bring your drawing set, or your music or a great book, make sure to include in your luggage such things. It may get lonely and a bit too quiet if you neglect such matters.

Prepare some emergency funds

While you don’t want to think about something unplanned, unexpected and unpleasant to happen during your first road trip, you want to be prepared for such events. Make sure to place your credit card in a safe space, in case your luggage gets lost or other unfortunate events may appear.

These are some simple tips that you have to follow if you want to have a great experience on your first road trip. Make sure to keep yourself safe and pack all the things that you need. If you worry about the limited space, buy a rooftop cargo box and you’ll be all settled up.


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