Pyjamas – Can They Ever Look Sexy?

Pyjamas are sleepwear, something warm and comfy to dream sweet dreams in.Whatever style you opt for, comfort is the most important factor – who wants to sleep in something scratchy or restrictive after all? Yet when so much emphasis is placed on fit and comfort, how much can go towards style and aesthetics? Can you have both, or is the balance always tipped one way or the other?

A lot of women today don’t that pyjamas can look sexy and appealing. They’re likely to opt for wearing lingerie to bed rather than pyjamas when they want to feel and look sexy, which does the trick but probably isn’t the most comfortable thing to sleep in!

However, I do think that if you look around a little you’ll be able to find nightwear and loungewear that’s both sexy and soft, pretty and practical!

Pyjamas can have a seductive and alluring appearance depending on the style, colour and material chosen. Here’s what to look out for when it comes to buying sexy pyjamas, either for yourself or as a gift…

  • Think about the style you want to wear. I do think that all pyjamas (yes, even long-sleeved shirt-style ones!) can look hot, but if you know you’re not going to feel sexy in something like that then it’s unlikely you’ll be exuding that confidence that makes you look so great. Consider other styles such as a gorgeous chemise or a camisole teamed with long pyjama bottoms for winter and cute shorts for the hot weather!
  • Fabric is super important – the same pyjamas can be totally transformed when taken from simple cotton or linen to lustruous silk or satin! Silk, lace, satin and even fancier fabrics such as broderie anglaise or fine, embroidered jacquard can add elegance and sex-appeal to pyjamas such as nightdresses, chemises and camisoles – even men’s boxer shorts look more luxurious in silk! Sheer fabrics such as chiffon (choose silk chiffon for an expensive but super luxurious appeal) are great too, showing a tantalising hint of flesh in a way that’s classy, not tacky!
  • Lastly, consider colour and print. Those bright pink kitten-print PJs may be cute, but are they sexy? I doubt it. For a classic look try subtle and sophisticated colours such as white, cream and black, or look super hot in eye-catching and exciting colours such as lipstick red and violet purple! Bright, bold colours such as green and sky blue can look flirty and fun, but be careful they verge more on the grown up sexiness than the childlike playfulness side of things! As I mentioned above, fabric can play an important role here – it’s hard to look unsexy when you’re wearing premium quality silk nightwear!

Do you wear pyjamas? Do you think they can be sexy? Tell me below!

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