Quality Check: Tips For Ensuring Your Products and Packaging Are Up to Your Company Standard

Quality Check: Tips For Ensuring Your Products and Packaging Are Up to Your Company Standard

Many companies produce their own products. This is an excellent opportunity to make money, but it also opens up a lot of potential for mistakes and problems. Many companies face one major problem today: ensuring their products are up to the proper standard. Here are some tips for any business owner or manager who wants to ensure their product quality is always at its best.


Build a Solid Product Strategy

There are a lot of different aspects to creating and implementing a quality product strategy. It starts with having a clear vision for what you want your products to be and how they should meet your customers’ needs. Once you have that in place, you need to develop specific goals and objectives to help you achieve that vision. From there, you need to create a plan for bringing your products to market and making sure they meet your standards. A solid product strategy is a foundation for ensuring your products are always up to par.

Have a Comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan

Quality assurance is one of the most critical aspects of producing quality products. Every step of the manufacturing process should be carefully watched to ensure quality is never compromised. This includes the raw materials, selected vendors and suppliers, shipping process, finished goods storage, and all kinds of other areas in between. Having a solid quality assurance plan ensures that you will always have total control over your product’s quality from start to finish.

Perform Product and Market Testing

One of the best ways to ensure your product meets expectations is CNC manufacturing milling to test it against different standards and benchmarks. CNC stands for computerized numerical control. This means that this kind of manufacturing is computer controlled and very precise. This makes it easy to check that your parts are made to the exact sizes and standard they’re meant to be. CNC manufacturing is also an excellent choice for product testing because it allows you to produce prototypes quickly and see how they work before putting them on the market. 

If you struggle to identify which areas need to be tested, make sure you survey your customers. Find out what they expect from your products, what they want to be improved or changed, their buying habits, and any other essential data that will give you insight into how your company can meet their needs. 

Always Strive for Quality Improvement

No matter how good your products are, there is always room for improvement. Quality should never be taken for granted and should always be a top priority. Continuous quality improvement is the key to maintaining high standards and meeting or exceeding customer expectations. This involves setting goals, establishing benchmarks, tracking results, and making necessary changes.


Packaging design is one of the most essential parts of ruling out any product to the public. The product packaging is often the first impression that the customer gets and that means that top-notch packaging graphic design can make or break a rollout. When you’re working with a packaging design firm, it’s a good idea to come to the project with a plan. Here are three tips that will help bring your plan together.

Address the Essential and Practical Issues First

Get the baseline requirements for what the package has to be before you move forward with anything else. Things like food packaging, for example, have to conform to requirements for preserving the contents. Likewise, retailers may have limitations on what sorts of packages they can place in their shelves. Unless you have “The Big Item” for the Christmas season, you’re not going to make them redesign whole shelves. You do not want to have to rethink practical problems later in the process, so nail all this down at the very beginning.

Include the Customer in the Process Early

No one can give you better information about product packaging than the folks who have to see it. Do market research and conduct focus groups to find out what people have to say. It’s also a good idea to have testers get hands-on with the package, especially if it is unusually shaped. If your rollout is still hush-hush, it’s wise to have your legal department assemble a nondisclosure agreement for any test audiences who might be asked to assess a package. Collect cell phones from testers and focus group members, too. You want to be sure that any package that fails fabulously doesn’t find its way onto the internet.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Unless you have an established product that can stand on its own as a brand, most top design firms will tell you to tie your brand together across products. This means using the same logos, typography and color schemes. You especially want to maintain brand consistency when your brand is a more important selling point than the individual products are. For example, every Purolator air filter box looks the same because people are only buying the brand. Even products that break the rules find ways to follow them. Barbie dolls, for example, have simply become a brand unto themselves. Across the line, brand consistency is maintained, but it’s focused on the product as a brand rather than the company.

Despite the importance of product quality, many companies fail to keep it at its peak. The tips listed above are designed to help you find areas that need improvement and give your products the boost they need to reach their full potential.