Reach Out to Potential Customers With Different Kinds Of Reusable Cloth Bags

Reach Out to Potential Customers With Different Kinds Of Reusable Cloth Bags

If you have seen minutely you would know various factors that affect our environment. Global warming is a common term that is used by all of us when we face extreme heat during summer. It is easy to blame nature for unbalanced weather but it is against our wish to accept that the global warming is due to our excessive torment to Mother Nature.

One of the harmful materials that pollute the environment is plastic. Plastic is made of Polypropylene which is a harmful material and emits hazardous toxic when burnt. Although most of the items made of this material are durable and used for a long time, disposable bags are one of the things that contributes to pollution.

Plastic bags are disposed everyday by every house in the form of garbage or after buying groceries. Plastic takes years to decompose which mean it does nothing but end up in a landfill. Also when plastic bags float in water, they tear into tiny pieces which sea animals think to be jellyfish and swallow it. Now that every country is declared as highly polluted, government is requesting citizens to take a pledge to save the planet.

The best to do so is by using reusable grocery bags. They are durable, strong and due to different shapes, color and sizes people can go for various types of recycled grocery bags. Grocery bags aren’t meant for just carrying groceries, but they can be used for many other purposes at home and some people also carry it to office which helps them carry heavy stuffs for projects and presentations. A reusable bag can be called a multi utility bag.

Here are different types of material used in reusable bags –

  • Cotton and canvas
  • Calico
  • Jute
  • Hemp

Cotton and canvas

Cotton is the common fiber in reusable bags as it keeps things fresh by allowing air to pass through. Organic cotton is developed without the help of pesticides. This is good to reduce the negative impact on environment. Since its soft it can be folded in any form to fit in even a small purse. Also due to its material it can be rewashed several times so that people can reuse it for at least five years.


Calico is similar to cotton fiber. It doesn’t require bleaching which means it is not made of harmful chemicals. However it is just like cotton which isn’t water or moisture resistant so you need to treat it with chemical to make it the way you want. Very cheap in price but requires a lot of water to grow. Like cotton this too can be washed frequently and reused.


Jute is also a natural resource which is found in the coastal regions or in a place that has heavy rainfall. It is easy to purchase jute bags but due to its grainy texture you can’t print anything on it if it isn’t bold and thick lines. Jute can be mixed with polypropylene to give it a wonderful texture.


Hemp is the strongest material of all. The best part is that hemp can be cultivated in drought areas and doesn’t need the help of pesticides. Although it is grown in poor soil with less water but, if you want fine grainy hemp then that requires good soil with lots of water. Sometimes, hemp is blended with other material to give a stronger texture.

There are many other materials that can be used to make bags but it is good to avoid plastic and paper to save environment.