Tips To Excel In Physics Exams

Tips To Excel In Physics Exams

Physics is one of the most interesting and fascinating subjects, which requires intellectual thinking having  various number of applications in real-life. Students having a good understanding of the subject are more likely to have good reasoning of the world around us. The subject comprises of the study of matter and motion, and behavior in space and time, where the main goal is to get to know how this universe works.

Physics is important for students aspiring for engineering and medical examination such as in competitive examinations such as JEE, NEET, etc. Having such an importance, it is essential to score well in the examination. Let us have a look on various tips that need to be followed to excel in the examination:

(i) Have proper understanding of the basics

Stronger the base, better the foundation. Thus it is crucial to have a proper understanding of the basic concepts in order have a good knowledge of the advanced course. Various topics like Ohms law, ampere’s law, laws of motion etc. are beneficial in building the basics that are used in numerous other topics as well.

(ii) Give importance to the units

It is essential to have a sound knowledge of units for various formulas used in physics. Students can even check their solution with the help of units, whether they are solving the question in a correct manner or not. More often, students do not pay attention to the unit or end up putting the incorrect unit in their answer. Thus we can see that units have a very important role in solving questions.

(iii) Prepare notes

Students must make it a habit of writing important notes, theories, and formulas. This will be helpful at the time of revision. Writing down notes also helps to memorize various formulas, which students can retain for a longer time.

(iv) Relate Practically

Most of the concepts of physics are related to the real-life application. By relating them to the real practical life, one can understand the concepts in a far better manner. This also helps to enhance their learning and helps to build the conceptual understanding.

These tips will help students to have a better understanding towards the subject and also help them to excel in the examination. Learn various concepts of maths and science such as magnetism, electricity, etc. and various theorems in quantum mechanics through interactive video lectures by subscribing to BYJU’S YouTube channel.