Relocating Your Business With No Headaches

Whether you are relocating your business across town or across the country, you’ll find that the process can be strenuous, frustrating and even damaging. While every move has its own fair share of problems, you’ll find that you can mitigate these problems with just a little bit of planning. When you want to move your business from a to b, check out these tips to keep things ticking along.

Do Some Sorting
Business accumulate junk much faster than people in solitary homes do, and over time, this junk can pike up quite high. Designate someone to start sorting through the detritus and to determine what needs to be kept and what should honestly be tossed. One of the biggest benefits of moving your business is that you can get a clean slate and a tidy work space, and this does not work if you bring most of your mess with you. Ideally, this is something that should start as soon as you know that you are moving.
Hire Professionals
If the move is only across town, you may be tempted to handle it on your own. There are many businesses that have left the moving of individual equipment to the people who use it; for example, some businesses ask their employees to move their own cubicles. However, when this happens, there is a greater chance that things will get lost and broken. To make sure that everything gets where it is going, pack it up and have it moved by pros. This also gives you a great opportunity to make an inventory of the equipment that you do have.
When it comes to moving a business, there are many things that cannot be packed until the very last minute. To make sure that you do not run into a lot of problems when the time comes, be sure to buy plenty of moving supplies. You will need sturdy boxes, tapes, packing labels, markers, and padding at the very least. If you are mailing something, typically it is a good idea to pick up mailing labels as well. In the case of a move, it is always better to have too much packing gear rather than too little.
Plot the Layout
Before you move, make sure that you know where everything is going to go in the new space. While you might have different areas designated for certain things, it is always a good idea to know where everything needs to go during a move; this allows you to label your boxes accordingly. Get a floor plan of your new place and make sure that you map out where everything is going to be.
Notify Everyone
If you are planning to move, you need to let everyone who has come into contact with your business know. This includes customers, vendors, suppliers and other individuals that you might have worked with in the past. The more notice that you give everyone, and the more clear that you are about it, the less business that you will lose. A business relocation, no matter how short the distance, does usually involve losing some business, even if the gains are much greater.
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