Seeing Your Favourite Video Games In A New Light

Seeing Your Favourite Video Games in a New Light with HDMI Cables

Ever since 2005 we have had HD consoles available on the market to gamers. However, a lot of those who have bought an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 since then have not been playing in HD. Sony have never sold HDMI cables with the PS3 and Microsoft stopped doing so also after 2009. Those who have never invested in a cable sold separately are missing out on a key feature that makes these machines so expensive to buy in the first place. Without HDMI, graphical fidelity in 360 and PS3 games cannot reach their height, and some of the immersion that comes with seamless HD graphics is lost. Textures become blurrier and objects become more jagged, giving the game that you have bought for about £40 quite a cheap look.

Getting More Out of Gaming

As a hobby, gaming is becoming more and more expensive, so surely we would want to make the most of the high cost? A lot of the budget for these multi-million pound games goes on making everything look as polished and eye-pleasing as possible. Without HDMI cables, this is wasted. It can help with gameplay itself too. The extra pixels shown on screen will help you see that target in the distance, so your aim can be improved and text is much more readable, meaning that the days of leaning towards your TV and squinting to see what your objective is are over. A smoother digital signal also reflects in the game as you will get less lag when things get a bit hectic and your console is processing a lot of data – this is essential if you’re a competitive online player, or if you simply like to play very challenging intense games. When it comes down to it, if you have a HDMI cable, worlds will either become far more realistic or far more magical – your experience will be enhanced regardless of what kind of game you prefer to play.

New Age, New Look

In addition to this, both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are commonly used as general home entertainment systems, and both do a great job of this. The 360 has one of the best online networks going, and the PS3 is a very popular choice for a Blu-Ray disc player. The online video streaming available on these systems (such as Netflix or LoveFilm) as well as the Blu-Ray format are all best experienced in HD. Films in particular are entering a new age of digital quality, and with either of these systems hooked up via HDMI, you can really take advantage of the breathtaking new look that comes with these technological leaps in the movie industry.

The Big Question & An Affordable Answer

So then, why is it that Microsoft and Sony choose not to include HDMI cables with the consoles in the box? Quite simply, it comes down to the fact that this means that they can sell them separately, pricing the official cables at a far higher price than the equivalent version from another company. These official cables are no better than the cheaper alternatives, either – the cost essentially comes from the brand rather than the quality. If you want the premium experience of HD, you don’t have to pay a premium price to get the cables that do the job.
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