Selfishness Is The Root Cause Of All Problems In Relationships

Selfishness is the Root Cause of all Problems in Relationships

One of the main reasons that cause the downfall of a relationship between a woman and a man is selfishness. When the two are in love, everything would look so great. Both of them would be extremely selfless and would only look to make the other person happy.

But, once the two get married to each other, all the selflessness and caring would completely go out of the window. Things would seem to be going smooth between them only for a few months. But, after those few initial months, things would slowly start going out of control. Suddenly, they would start expecting things out of each other. They would start pointing out mistakes in each other. Things both of them enjoyed in each other before the marriage would become the main reasons for fights between the two.

The main problem here is that the couples won’t even realize that the relationship is going towards failure. They wouldn’t realize until talks about divorce crop up. If at least one of them realize that something is wrong in the relationship, then things can start to get better.

Once things get to the point of divorce, then usually there is no looking back. Even if the individuals want to reconcile, their ego would stop them from doing it. They would often wait for the other person to take the initiative to solve matters.

If they have good friends and relatives, they would at least offer advices to bring the relationship back on track. Some friends would try to feed the ego of the person going through a bad relationship which can make matters worse.

If they let the divorce happen even though they had the chance to work on the relationship before the divorce, then they would definitely look back at it with regret. They would start to realize how foolish they were to let go of a person whom they loved.

Some people don’t have the guts to admit their mistakes in a relationship. Again, it is their ego which stops them from doing it. In every relationship that is failing, each person should try to understand what he/she is doing wrong that is causing the relationship to fail instead of pointing fingers at the other person.

Even if you go through some of the most inspiring relationship quotes on the web, they would simply reiterate the message that selfishness is the main cause of all evil in relationships. In fact, it is not just romantic relationships which get affected by this evil force called selfishness. Every human relationship on the planet earth suffers because of selfishness and jealousy.

There are many relationship counsellors who try and solve the problems of couples having relationship problems. Most of these counsellors would try to convey the messages offered by famous relationship quotes in different forms to the couples. The reason why they do this is that these quotes are extremely powerful and there are cases where such quotes have managed to instantly change the minds of the couples.

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