Short Shorts Or City Shorts

With so many styles of shorts kicking about this season, you are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to a fashionable way of showing off those pins! Whether you’re flashing the thighs Caroline Flack style or taking a more demure approach with knee-grazing city shorts, there are a few rules to follow before you bare the beasts!

The most important thing to consider when purchasing shorts is your body shape. Opt for something that you feel comfortable and confident in that flatters and accentuates your figure. If you are conscious about the size of your thighs but still want to bare a bit of flesh, city shorts can actually make you appear slimmer. Go for a slim and sleek fit – not too tight – in a darker colour. Take the length right down to the knee to elongate your legs. The darker colour will streamline your thighs, making them appear slimmer and longer. Gisele eat your heart out!

Next up, short shorts! The sun is out and you know what that means! The time has come to show off your stems in tiny hems! Short shorts make great festival attire and are perfect for showing off a summer tan. The itty-bitty length is in fact nothing new, it’s the waist that has revolutionised for 2012. Whether it’s tummy-tucking high or dropping dutty low, there are rules to follow when donning the short short.
Firstly, it is NEVER ok to wear your short shorts unfastened. It is cheap, nasty and there is no excuse. Even if you’re on a beach, they’re either on or they’re off. A state of mid-undress can never be condoned.

Secondly, make sure your shorts are a good fit. Yes, the whole point of short shorts is to show some leg, but cutting into the muffin top is not a good luck. Tight on the leg- yes, tight on the hippo hips- hell no! All that being said, these are short SHORTS- not denim knickers, no ass hanging out please.
If you’re going high waisted, opt for shorts that stop at the smallest part of your waist. This will accentuate your figure and give you curves even where there are none. DON’T pull regular shorts up to your chin to create a high-waisted look, you WILL get a wedgie.

There we have the long and short of it! Follow these tips and enjoy what’s left of the summer in leg bearing style.

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