Should You Go For Laser Hair Removal?

Because the face is the first thing people notice, its appearance matters a lot. You don’t necessarily have to have the most beautiful face, but it doesn’t hurt to also look pleasant and presentable especially when facing people. But the sight of obvious facial hair, particularly around the lips of a woman, can affect the self-image or rattle confidence levels. Facial hair growth is attributed to men only, that if a woman starts growing it, seeking treatment to remove this is a logical option.

From natural treatments, to cosmetic creams and enhancements, to laser surgery, there are varieties of choices for facial hair removal for women. Some of these treatments may take time for results to show and will regular application, maintenance, as well as perseverance; while other options, such as a laser treatment, can bring results faster.

What Entails a Laser Hair Removal?
Laser hair removal is a quick process done at a dermatologist’s clinic. It only takes at least half an hour per session to do, and if the hair is slightly thicker, sessions may take at least three to six visits before the whole treatment is complete. A laser procedure’s cost fall anywhere between $200 to $800 per session, depending on where you’re getting it done and who is doing the procedure.

A slight pain may be experienced while undergoing laser surgery, but it is nothing that can’t be tolerated. In fact, the pain may feel a bit like getting the hair plucked, only you could feel heat and sensation because of the laser lights. Darker and thicker hair would be a little bit more painful to remove.

The Risks of Laser Hair Removal
Since this is technically a surgical procedure, some risks can happen, particularly with people with sensitive skin, coz scarring can easily form. And since the procedure is done of the face, doctors have to really be careful not to point the laser into the eyes. Cases of laser hair removal procedures gone wrong are isolated, yet the risk will always be present.

Who Can Benefit From Laser Hair Removal?
Women with fairer complexion are best candidates for laser hair removal treatment since it targets the pigments that are found in the hair follicles. Women with darker skin are advised not to get this procedure because pigments are absorbed differently with this skin type. The likelihood of blisters is high, and so is the possibility of receiving less than satisfactory results. Darker facial hair is also easier to remove with laser. If the hair growth on your face is light, you may not benefit from getting a laser treatment, and instead opt for other methods.

Ideally, if you have sensitive, keloid-forming skin, or if you have a really low pain threshold, it’s better to ask your dermatologist first on other methods.

Facial hair removal procedures deliver varying results. Understand the pros and cons before you sign up for it and read tips and guides about facial hair removal at