Simple Skin Care Routine To Follow

One of the most crucial aspects in taking care of our body is in ensuring preventive care is done. It’s the same thing with skin care. As the body’s major organ, it’s also necessary to protect and care for it, just as we normally do this with critical organs like the heart or lungs. At whatever age you’re in, it’s never too late to start and keep a proper skin care routine to prevent deterioration.

Factors to Skin Problems

  • pH balance. A standard pH balance for the skin is at 5.5 to 7 levels. Anything higher or lower than that makes the skin acidic or the opposite. The use of soap, which we ordinarily do everyday, can disrupt the pH levels, what more if we make use of different skin care products. When this happens, the skin loses its natural acidic barrier to withstand bacteria and microorganisms. This is how skin irritation can penetrate through.
  • Sun. Over decades of researches have shown how much the sun is contributing to skin damage. Too much exposure can cause, discoloration, wrinkles and dryness of the skin. It can also bring about pigmentation or reduce the skin’s natural elasticity. One of its really bad effects is skin cancer. In the United States, there are about 2 million individuals affected by skin cancer each year.
  • Cigarettes. Nicotine and tobacco can contribute to premature aging of the skin, as it also depletes skin of its elastic properties. People who smoke tend to have the “smoker’s face” which is characterized with facial lines around the mouth and the eyes.

Skin Care For Prevention
For a gorgeous and healthy looking skin, it’s important to do away with the factors that contribute to skin damage by keeping a simple skin care routine. It’s also important to have patience and discipline in caring for the skin, because the results does not happen overnight.

  1. Wash your face using a mild soap or facial cleanser regularly. But be sure not to over wash so that the skin’s acidic levels remain ideally good. It’s recommendaed that washing is done every morning and then later before going to sleep at night.
  2. Exfoliate at least two times a week. This process helps to remove dead skin cells that may otherwise not be removed when you’re just washing. Exfoliation also stimulates the skin cells to make it healthier.
  3. Use moisturizer daily. There are skin care products you can use for this for daytime and nighttime, and there are also plenty of natural moisturizers that are found in your kitchen, such as olive oil. Make sure to include this in your daily skin care routine, and be disciplined about it. Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated so that wrinkles do not develop. The process also helps with the development of new collagen that your skin needs to be constantly in good health.
  4. Use sunblock with SPF 15 when you go out daily. Use one with a higher SPF if you’re going to the beach. Sunblock, as its name suggests, is your best protection against the sun, so that even if you’re not planning on heading to the beach, you must still apply this on you. These days, especially, when the sun’s rays feel more painful and penetrating than before, you can never be careless about use of sunblock.

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