Six Things To Do After Your Prom Night

Your Prom night is one of the biggest nights of your pre-adult life, but after you have prepared, arrived, eaten and danced the night away what should you do after? We’ll we thought we could compile a list of what we have heard over the years so that your prom night doesn’t have to end when the dance does.

1. The School’s After-Prom Party

Not every school has a After-Prom Party and if your school hasn’t planned one then start putting in the ground work as this could be the last chance that you will see many of your classmates. If there is one planned at your school then make sure you at least show your face even if you do have alternative plans.

2. Have a midnight feast

Gather you and your friends and find a venue that serves late night food, this could be a good curry to a takeaway it will make it that little more fun that you are all dressed in your tux and dresses and would make a perfect end to your night.

3. Teen-Friendly Night Club

In the occasional city they may already have a teen friendly night club, alternatively if you plan early you may be able to hire one of the local night clubs, sell tickets to a “Prom after party”. This will make you a popular person on Prom Night but there is a lot of planning needed for an after party, if yours is in a Night club concentrate on the music.

4. Host a Karaoke Party

It’s fun, it gets everyone excited, it’s… Karaoke. You can buy or even rent a karaoke machine (or pick up an X Factor karaoke game for your PlayStation or Xbox) then send an invite your friends and stack up on drinks and food, a perfect end to the prom.

5. Try Camping

There is some advantages and disadvantages to this idea, firstly weather could potential ruin your night and also clothing you will have to change out of that tux or dress before you start. Next choose a location where you can already have the tents set up and a campfire ready to burn it could be a lot of fun but plan, plan, plan.

6. Take a midnight ride in a limousine

It’s a common part of the prom arriving in a stretched limo, but how about being picked up and driven around town in a hummer or similar. End your prom like a rock star would and either use a limo to take you to your next location in style or just a way to cap the night.

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