Social Security Disability

Recently there was a story about a delicate, elderly lady whose husband had passed away suddenly three years prior. She was seeking help in applying for social security disability, but she felt confused going through all the machinations and processes on her own. She heard that many people applying for social security benefits get denied, and she could not afford to risk the time it might take her to “beat” the system and get her claims approved. She felt that she needed to hire an attorney who specialized in handling social security disability matters.

The mission for many people in need of these special and unique kinds of federal benefits is to understand the process, benefits, and responsibilities of someone of their age, medical condition, and several other factors. The next is to understand what rights they have and to understand if they are being respected and honored.  Social security disability issues can be complex. Surely one can go through the process of filing by their own hand, but they should not expect an easy road, and there are many traps along the way that could possibly derail someone’s application.
Identifying and qualifying a sound, experienced, and successful social security disability lawyer can be the next challenge once one has determined that they need legal assistance to get their claim through. Using the internet to locate local lawyers who specialize in this legal practice is one way to source for representation, but also it is wise to speak with anyone who may have needed to use a similar attorney in the past. The Elrod Pope Law Firm in Rock Hill, SC, for example, has led the fight for many people who have needed help in getting their social security disability claims approved.
Sitting with the attorney will give one a greater understanding of the process, be relieved of some of the stress inherently involved in going through the course and winding paths of becoming approved. They will also be assured that a legal professional will see one’s case to a successful conclusion.
Understand that this can be a long and stressful process. However, having proper representation can make it a much quicker endevour, allow for a greater reward, and alleviate some of the stressed caused by the claim. When considering making a social security disability claim be sure to find an attorney who you trust and has had experience with social security disability claims before.
Jay Bater: Marketing Specialist of South Carolina