Spooky Scentsy Halloween Candle Warmers

Next to Christmas, Halloween is the second most decorated holiday of the year. This is the time of the year when vampires, ghosts, witches and monsters alike hang out together and party. Cute zombie kids or monster kids walk around the neighborhood, knocking on everyone’s door to ask for treats.

Halloween parties are carefully organized; dance floors are filled with improvised tombstones, cobwebs are left hanging onto the ceiling, plastic skeletons are everywhere and creepy Jack-O’-Lanterns light the room.

The Danger of Lighted Candles
Many incidents have been listed where Halloweens result to real-life injuries. Jack-o’-lanterns and lighted candles often cause fire accidents. Aside from the dangers of having fire accidents, lighted candles also emit harmful toxins like toluene, acetone, styrene, benzene and particulate matter. The deadly metal lead has also been discovered in most wicks on candles. A study that was conducted by Dr. Jerome Nriagu, a professor on environmental health sciences show that lead emission from most brands of candles range from .5 to .327 micrograms per hour. Inhaling lead can eventually cause lead intoxication. Symptoms are predominant in the central nervous system which includes hallucinations, insomnia, convulsions and delirium. Some cases of lead poisoning also include symptoms of abdominal pain, kidney failure and memory loss.

Scented Candles for Decoration
Candles are a very important element of decoration. Aside from aesthetic purposes, scented candles have been popular as well because of the aroma that is released in the air when it is lighted. The scent is released as soon as the wax is melted. During holidays like Halloween and Christmas, candles become a very essential feature in decoration. However, most candles are manufactured using paraffin wax which is petroleum-based. Since most candles are lit in enclosed areas, the toxins are suspended in the air for hours. Also, natural oils or perfumes that are used in manufacturing scented candles are very expensive to mass produce. Because of this, most manufacturers make use of synthetic fragrances and colored dyes that releases harmful particles when heated.

A Spooky, Wickless surprise!
Candle warmers or wickless candles have gained popularity because it is safer to use than scented candles. Since there is no flame involved, soot is no longer present and the dangers of fire accidents are automatically reduced. Candle warmers are specifically designed to release the scent of concentrated fragrances that are infused into bars of wax using a light bulb that heats the wax just enough to release its scent. The wax is neither burnt nor lighted. The wickless feature of these candles eliminates the presence of toxins that are normally found on lighted candles.

Scentsy, a manufacturer of wickless candles or candle warmers currently markets over 80 fragrances and various candle warmer designs that are suitable for every occasion. With Halloween coming around the corner, many people are already scouting for the best decorations that they can put to their homes to make it more welcoming and festive. Some people go as far as decorating their front lawns with scarecrows and skeletons, carved pumpkins, cobwebs and creepy-crawlies. Others spend a lot of time putting some table decorations, makeshift headstones or hanging a few zombie-like dolls here and there. To some who do not have the time to go through all this extravagance but still want to set festive displays to help everyone feel the spirit of Halloween, setting up decorations do not have to be very complicated. Scentsy has a line of candle warmers that are specifically manufactured to suit the Halloween season.

Halloween Candle Warmers

If you are looking to decorate your home with something that can also be a conversational piece, you can choose from the newest line of Scentsy’s Halloween candle warmers. Scary and spooky designs like “He’s Alive” which is Frankenstein-Inspired, “Ghosts and Ghouls”, “Wrap for Your Silhouette” and “Pumpkin” will surely delight and charm your trick-or-treaters and your family.

On the other hand, if you want something that is less conspicuous but is more focused on releasing fragrance in the air, there are various designs for wall-plugins that are still absolutely charming and decorative but is small enough to get out of the way and let the fragrance do the work. Designs like “Fright Night” and “Jack-o’lantern” will surely make your Halloween alive, spook-tacular and fragrant as well!

For designs and available Scentsy bars, visit this Scentsy store.