Sports Detox and Why You May Need One

Sports Detox and Why You May Need One

When we think of sports and physical activity, generally we think of them in a very positive light, and the reason for this is because they are indeed very beneficial for us, because as you know, exercise is a key component of any healthy living plan. The problem with some athletes or people that are overly physically active however, is that the sports and activities they perform on a regular basis, may take a toll on their bodies physically, which may result in them needing what is known as a sports detox. A sports detox is basically designed to detoxify your body of various toxins and chemicals from day to day living to help improve your athletic performance, but it is also designed to help reduce the harmful effects of too much sporting activity on your body. Here’s a look at why you may need a sports detox, plus a few signs that may indicate you could need one.

Why a sports detox? – As mentioned, generally speaking, regular physical exercise and activity is extremely healthy and beneficial for us, as it helps benefit us in a number of different ways. It helps us to lose weight, it helps strengthen major internal organs such as the heart, it boosts circulation and oxygen transportation, it increases stamina, it makes us feel good, and much more besides. So, with all of those benefits, how on earth can sporting activity result in us needing a detox? Well, the main reason is lactic acid. When we exercise, lactic acid builds up within the muscle tissues, not only damaging our muscles, but also harming athletic performance and resulting in painful muscle cramps, fatigue, and spasms as we exercise. This lactic acid obviously doesn’t magically disappear by itself, it has to be removed by the body. A sports detox will flood the body with healthy nutrients and ingredients designed to not only remove lactic acid, but to also increase post-workout recovery and strengthen muscle tissue as a result. These nutrients come from a selection of healthy ingredients found in snacks, beverages, and foods, and are extremely healthy and good for you. For the ultimate post-workout recovery process, regular sports detoxes are highly recommended indeed.

Signs you may need a sports detox – There are many different signs and symptoms your body may exhibit which will point to the fact that you may need a sports detox, these include, but are not limited to:

• Weakened athletic performance
• Sore and stiff muscles
• A longer recovery process
• Less energy
• Bloating and stomach cramps
• Persistent muscle cramps and spasms
• Reduced range of motion
• Headaches
• Mood swings

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