The Growing Amazing Series Of Tablet: Apple iPad Air 4

The Growing Amazing Series Of Tablet: Apple iPad Air 4

After so many phones and laptops, it is now time for the ones between them, the tablets. Aren’t they just the perfect and handy kind of a gadget? Don’t they fit in just almost everywhere and anywhere for that matter? Well, yes they do!

So, here we are talking about the iPad Air 4! Oh yes, 4 it is and not 3, don’t read it again! Soon the iPad Air 3 features and specs will be all over, and so that is no fun. But, the iPad Air 4 is something that we are foreseeing right now! I mean, since there is no official news about specs for the iPad Air 4, so it indeed is foresight!

IPad by Apple has done quite too many wonders and I am pretty much sure the other ones which are yet to come will be no less. Infact, Apple has set users so high on expectations that there indeed is too much times. But that is when it is fun to buy gadgets and electronics, when you have no clue what big is coming up with the next release! However, it is kind of necessary to predict a little bit of features that the successors are likely to have based upon the previous models.

So, based upon just observations and a study of the previous two models, here we are discussing a little on the iPad Air 4! The iPad 3 is going to be unveiled may be soon, but iPad Air 4 we can’t expect before final quarter of next year, or even first to third quarter of 2017!

Here we begin with the features and specs!

A 10X chipset it will be! And that is too fast. The processing will be like in a blink of an eye. Apple doesn’t really seem to fail its users ever.

It is likely to have a 4K resolution with amazing 3D display, which is going to be 400ppi! Well, what we can talk about the display for apple. It never ceases to get better with each and every new device!

A 4GB of RAM is like a minimum may be? Has to be! To match the chipset, and not hang, the RAM has to be in sync with the processing scheme!

Finally, the camera for the iPad Air 4 is going to be a whooping 20MP, and an LED flash is to accompany the rear camera as well! This is like expected to be the best even if it is just an eight megapixels! No arguing when it comes to the camera of the device! This pecs is all the way along with Galaxy Note 6 but the down price.

With all of these, the battery has to be equally supportive and so the battery backup is expected to be better for this one! However, with such high end features, we really can’t expect too much!

So this was all on the iPad Air 4; no clue on its pricing and availability, but what will it be like? 50k? An 60k? Or more? Well, the question marks only continue!

So, yet again, happy anticipating!