Storage Options For Offices

Starting up a business is an exciting yet stressful venture and as the business grows the space in the office becomes an important factor. Not every business requires a large office that seats 30 or more workers, smaller offices are suitable for smaller organisations and often large offices can be too big for just 10 employees.

When renting an office one important factor to consider are the storage options available – do you need a locked cupboards or can you add storage yourself?

Some companies such as law firms are required to keep and archive of files which can take up a considerable amount of space. Other businesses require hardly any storage at all.

Maintaining a tidy office is important for efficient workers – if files become unorganised then their work production will also. Here are some storage options for small and large offices.

Under Desk Drawers

Under desk drawers are great hidden storage. They are drawers that roll to fit under the desk and can often be bought as an additional purchase with the desk. Each employee can have their own under their desk which will allow them to organise their own work. This also frees up desk space and will allow employees to keep their desk top tidy. It is important to allow for leg room so choose appropriately sized drawers.

Freestanding Cupboards

Freestanding cupboards are available in many different sizes and can be placed against an empty wall in the office. Some come with shelves and others come with file hooks to organise paperwork. Freestanding cupboards are also available with locking doors for additional security of confidential information.


Cloakroom lockers are important to give workers a sense of security. It is nice to be able to trust your employees and colleagues but theft does happen and things do go missing. So make sure this never happens by giving each person their own locker.


Open shelving is great for instant access to files. Storage shelving is available in many different sizes and often the shelves can be height adjusted so whatever you are using it for you can be rest assured that it will fit.

Temporary Storage Room

If you don’t have a storage room in your office then why not have one made? Freestanding temporary walls can be put in place that can create a separate room. This can become a storage room for important files and office equipment. 

Lynn is an office space designer bringing you the latest storage solutions for your business.