Superhero Style: Celebrating Our Favourite Caped Crusaders

With the release of The Amazing Spider Man and The Dark Knight Rises this July, the supernormal is certainly trending in summer 2012. Superheroes have had a long history with the fashion industry, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Superhero ‘Fashion and Fantasy’ exhibition in 2008.

But before you start wearing your pants over the top of your tights, and donning spandex shirts, take a moment, and read our breakdown of fashion musts from our favourite superheroes.


Michelle Pfeiffer, in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns (1992), made ripped leather a hot commodity.

The Look

Unless you want to look like a wandering dominatrix, a leather catsuit isn’t really public-friendly. To get catwoman’s sexy but lethal style, find yourself a leather biker’s jacket and apply a layer of candy apple red lipstick. Get feline eyes with black, winged eyeliner and grow your nails to a well-maintained length, for a kitten-like manicure.


Although Anna Paquin may be more famous now for her role in vampire drama, True Blood (2008), we still remember her as the untouchable Rogue in X-Men (2000).

The Look

Ideal for the more gothically-minded, this style is all about the hair. Go for a dark base colour, with a grey or platinum front streak for a chic, two-shade do. And of course, don’t forget the slim, patent gloves; ideal for winter.

The Joker

With his psycho clown look in The Dark Knight (2008), played expertly by Heath Ledger, we’ll just ignore the freaky make-up and go straight to the outfit.

The Look

The Joker is king of bold palettes. Wear scruffy suits in striking colours – this superhero isn’t afraid of a clashing outfit. Match with a pair of men’s loafers, for an eccentric but smart fashion statement.

From Rihanna to Nicki Minaj, punk hair dyes are hot right now, so don’t be afraid to follow in The Joker’s footsteps and go for a brave shade. To get a block finish, bleach your hair first, and then coat with Tish & Snooky’s Manic Panic or La Riche.

Wonder Woman

Ever since the 1970s, Wonder Woman has been a classic embodiment of female power. At first it might seem that there is little enough on this superprincess to make a fashion statement, but the starry headband, the knee-high boots, and the BIG KNICKERS say otherwise.

The Look

Wonder Woman is a bit of an American beauty with all her stars and stripes, so go USA with a red, white, and blue colour scheme.

Push your hair back with a gold headband, and slip your feet into some sophisticated, knee-high boots. Don some US flag shorts, or star print trousers, and make it work with a bold, red shirt.

This article has been written on behalf of heritage handbag and footwear brand Jane Shilton.