Long Lasting Rattan Garden Furniture

The summer is almost here and most of us will be looking to improve the look of our garden. There are many ways in which we can give our garden a new lease of life whether it’s painting the garden fence, maintaining a regular lawn care routine, creating a great colourful rockery or adding garden furniture.

There is one thing to consider when improving your garden and that’s to ensure it looks great throughout the seasons. Some garden furniture is often known to rust and discolour because it is unable to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

Rattan garden furniture is one particular type of garden furniture that is known to withstand the ever-changing weather conditions. It will resist discolouration from the strong sun and will resist warping from the rain.


High quality rattan garden furniture is colour fade resistant and is incredibly easy to care for. It will last year after year and will only require a little cleaning maintenance. Here’s how:

  • Start off by removing any excess dirt with a sponge and warm soapy water
  • With a very fine bristle brush work into the crevices to remove trapped dust.
  • Finish off by wiping over to remove any remaining soap with a damp cloth. This step is important because if you leave the soap to dry it will give the rattan a dull murky look.


Rattan garden furniture that is crafted to a high specification will last longer than cheaper garden furniture which often loses shape over time. The cheap plastic material used for seating on steel frame garden furniture often stretches with bodyweight and doesn’t regain its shape. Rattan garden furniture will never lose its shape because of the material used.

Where does rattan come from?

Natural rattan is sourced from Asian countries. It comes in canes which can be moulded to different shapes. Synthetic rattan garden furniture offers the same exceptional qualities but at a fraction of the cost and is available in different colours such as brown rattan garden furniture. the synthetic form offers style, affordability, and easy maintenance.


There are many different styles of rattan garden furniture available on the market, from swinging tree pods for one to 10 seated patio sofa sets. It combines both traditional crafting with contemporary style.

Some furniture sets come with tables that have a tampered glass surface which are easy to care for. Colour can be added with cushions upholstered in polyester and a parasol. 

Jade combines both her hobby of gardening with writing in her gardening blog