Technology Is The New Black

Let’s face it, not all things that have been tech-savvy have translated into the most fashionable of accessories. Over the years there have been developments in the world of technology and entertainment that have blown our minds, and ruined our sense of style. Luckily, the tech world is trying to catch up and make things less—for lack of a better term—ridiculous looking and more practical. From 3D glasses free TVs to BLAH, they are making less of an impact on the way we look and more of an impact on the way we use their product.

Cell Phones
While today’s iPhones and Androids are not hard to look at, cell phones used to be one of the most ridiculous pieces of technology wreaking havoc on our looks. From the early days of cell phones that were bigger than your rotary phone at home to massive antennas that made everyone look like they were communicating with the mother ship, these were just downright ugly electronics.

Blue Tooth
It doesn’t matter how big or small your blue tooth is, they make you look like a crazy person—mainly because no one else can tell if you are having a phone conversation with a real person or if you are trading quips with your imaginary friend Edgar. While the blue tooth itself may not be much of an eyesore impeding on your overall aesthetics, it certainly makes everyone look a little foolish.

3D Glasses
The appeal of watching your favorite movies and TV shows in 3D may be tempting, but perhaps you are not too keen on the eyewear that accompanies it. 3D glasses, no matter how you try to dress them up with fancy frames, look silly. It is like some cyborg has taken over your face with the blue and red eyes and the general look of cellophane. Technology is right there with you because you do not even need those silly glasses anymore, as there are now TVs that are 3D glasses free.

Functionality Does Not Mean Fashionable
No one said that electronics had to be the most beautiful pieces of art, but they shouldn’t look like something out of a Ray Bradbury story either. As the technology advances, it affects how we look less and how much we love these offerings more. Now go make a phone call on your blue tooth hooked up to your phone, sans antennae, and watch a 3D movie without glasses because you no longer need them.

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